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no, it's reversed +921 Picture +913
The fuss is that you want to fuck a coloured, fictional pony. … +792 doubt their dicks would know either feeling anyway +518
instructions unclear, drew dick stuck in ceiling fan. +511 DO you think Bill is short for Billiam? +505
** That horrible bastard! How dare he punch a woman!? This… +461 Shoot first, axe questions later +437
Picture +419 Gary could have bought his own beer but instead he catapul… +418
My dick might not tell the difference, but my dignity will. +370 There comes a point in life when it's no longer mommy's fault … +357
Army Of 1 And a Half +317 **soliton rolled image ** MFW a dildo fits my ass +294
Picture +292 Ah yes. My favourite character, Unalive-Pool +281
**WhitePimp rolled image ** +279 wait, we can post ebony porn now? +277
First genuine laugh on FJ in awhile, 10/10. +272 Picture +268
That was so fucking stressful. +252 Picture +248
Most 8 year olds just like the affection I guess. +247 I like how everybody is trying to write without mistakes in th… +244
I can't possibly believe this to be real. +238 But the nerds will get back at you through vandalism +235
I don't know why, but he is one of the few celebrities that ac… +230 Picture +221
I was expecting gary oak to come out with sexy women in his ar… +221 Oh... watch other people masturbate... +212
Do that without breaking your legs without parkour training. +210 NOPE, I DENY YOUR CLAIM ON JOKER Joker was tryi… +208
Dude, thats fucking hilarious +200 I bet the artist thought he was so fucking edgy when he d… +197
Picture +191 HOW ABOUT SOME PORKOUR? +186
Orlando Bloom is my new spirit animal +181 I wanna do that so badly. +180
doesnt really matter but still i need to know +177 wow it took them 8 years to set the whole thing up +172
If my job were to look at vaginae with diseases and infections… +170 Well, at least this time D-Day might be fun. +169
One of the better reasons why borderline nsfw is ok +163 I really hope he's able to keep to his promises of setting up … +163
wtf +160 Picture +159
i don't care about people jacking off to fake horses. i have j… +158 >You guys celebrated dickbutt's return by posting it so muc… +158
**drgilby rolled image ** Where mine is concealed +157 >The ring has been destroyed +157
Make sure to hit him next time, and make it hard +156 Now that he is gone.... +156
Seems like the one guy with the bandaid on his hand would have… +156 Picture +156
Picture +155 Yes. +155
She pees herself out of fear of your neckbeardly cringworthiness? +154 I don't see a second 9/11. +154
Picture +154 I'm willing to wager that Ralph RAN THE FUCK AWAY! +153
Thanks OP. I made this for you as a thank you. +153 Picture +153
she wanted a belly rub.... +151 Picture +150
you thought wrong. +149 Picture +148
Fotoshop skillz of the chart +147 Picture +145
Small breasts are actually more sensitive than large ones. … +145 Nah, it's American hmor. +142
I'd say this +142 Picture +142
Picture +139 Alberta is mentioned, swell with shitty drivers and alcoholism +138
Isn't it obvious? There's too many chips for it to be real +137 Picture +136
I don't think she would notice him stealing something if she d… +134 What if I told you everything filled with air was at least 78%… +129

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