anonexplains +878 Picture +868
Damn, accidentally posted the second section of the comic twic… +589 Picture +425
**sharkpunch used "*roll picture*"** **sharkpunch rolled i… +413 I was waiting for it to spin... +405
'don't look at her tits. don't look at her tits.' +398 they caught him. he had a good run tho +364
Now that is just adorable +355 Picture +339
heres all of them so far guess who makes a cameo? +333 ''finally something to match my soul'' +315
She got iced +315 getting tired of your **** stephen +303
"I hope nazism catches on because I like german chicks" +277 jjrod's face when. +276
bro.. too many words +272 She had ariel rough day +269
Me right now. +269 Name them first +268
I made a thing for this, enjoy. +266 Picture +255
Why is your girlfriend still coloring cartoons op? +254 "Are you tired of forgetting your kids in the oven?" +248
Infomercial! +245 Must go quick +243
>european plugs >european beer nice try eurofag +241 i like knee and thigh high socks! +238
Picture +236 because it's quite the spectacle to see a streaker run the course +235
I love these. +231 Well i can tell now that the funny junk community enjoys the c… +223
Picture +222 This will be useful someday. +218
>Age of War >Adventure Quest +217 Do you remember that episode of Veggie Tales where the lie got… +217
Picture +216 "oh really, sir? well if you could just blow into this" +216
Oh for **** sake, those are Cooling Towers. They'… +215 HFW +213
"Forgot to login" +211 Picture +205
if you are feeling lazy, just remember the greeks thought thei… +202 Yeah **** the man! +195
Mfw the comment section. +193 Obligatory +193
"lol nice fedora" comments on **** like… +192 Anna have been in the game a long time, nothing she cant handle. +191
But they're still telling you that the coffee is hot +190 The price of oil is at its lowest level since April 2009 +179
infomercial! +175 Oh please.... +175
Picture +174 no stick RPG? c'mon man +171
Anyone? +171 lovely technique +167
Picture +167 Admin, change anonymous to admin. +166
To everyone who does not sort through comments. This is not Oc… +165 I like the way she has a creepy mother but a totally normal fa… +164
Miley Cyrus? +164 Picture +163
That's kinda scary. +156 *Should have As in "You should have paid more attenti… +156
M00t might ban you for that +155 As legend tells he still streaks to this day. +154
On one hand, she's exploiting stupid people, which I very much… +154 That's my fetish! +152
What is it with rich people and curling their upper lip? Does … +152 Picture +151
**sirstupidpanda used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **sirstupidpanda … +146 I feel it +145
Infomercial! +145 Moot recruit +144
Picture +142 Picture +141
it's a joke mate +141 Picture +137
Oh yes another comment about inhaling black tweets +136 I've seen a lot of OC comics on this site. You art style is de… +136

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