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Put your dick on it +591 **zetsuboukamina used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **zetsuboukamina r… +589
She actually did it! What an absolute madwoman! +480 Real talk? That's creepy as **** , yo. +472
"I'm pretty much ok with this" +436 As a dog person, this makes me sad because my people are being… +434
shut the hell up you damn ass whore +420 Swells with British pride +417
I did this in Boston a few years ago. My sign said &q… +410 How else would we know how big it was? +405
Picture +371 OP: posts poorly spelled question. 1: tries to be witty bu… +350
Damn, that's commitment. She used to have a license plate. +348 a mix between hitler and an abortion +345
i need a how to +338 yeah, don't. +338
I don't trust those hoes, so I ride my own dick. +327 Picture +327
Later that day +322 To add on the Marilyn Manson one, the girl who died was Keanu … +306
Now this is Pod racing! +295 plot twist +284
Your sisters are hot. +275 **evilhomer used "*roll picture*"** **evilhomer rolled ima… +270
I got you guys. +265 Picture +248
website meetups are always bad it seems +245 imagine having sex on that thing or having sex at all +238
kekkles upon kekkles +233 I am 89% sure OP isn't a stunt man and that he copied text and… +226
"I've never seen so much salt in one place" - Me whe… +225 Picture +216
**scarcrow used "*roll picture*"** **scarcrow rolled image… +209 Just cuz you asked nicelly ad-man. +208
I couldn't find this specific part, but I found the e… +207 good god man, use protection +205
This is probably the most humble troll I've seen on fj +202 Yeahbut these men aren't Ghandi So no it's not weird +201
Birds have a very good sense for avoiding obstacles. +200 That's a piggly wiggly, a grocery chain that tries for that &q… +199
Picture +198 DogsFW +197
What the **** is going on in this thread? Keye… +196 >adult swim >kids show +193
at least people who eat the pizza that way are guaranteed to e… +190 tumblr is full of lies +177
Thor's hammer though... "See Mr Stark, you are n… +177 i... is Leviticus a swear? +173
I'm not narrating a themed account cock sucker's life. … +169 Nailed it. +167
There wasn't even a ball pit? +164 We must eradicate the Jews. -Taylor Swift +163
Blowing game too strong +163 what did you expect the daughter of kanye to smile or something +162
Picture +161 Picture +159
This guy calls in sick to work, YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! +159 As a d'aww cat, this is one of those dogs that includes person… +155
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA… +152 The drone transmits live video to a computer, which uploads it… +149
there are 3 types of chicken-overcooked dry **** , done … +149 as a dog person, this is one of those posts that includes a ca… +147
GHANDI HAS RESEARCHED GUNPOWDER +147 hey look it's barry! +144
Picture +143 Picture +142
sit back and enjoy the show +138 It's not about that, it's about keeping it off the streets fir… +135
**whatwhen used "*roll picture*"** **whatwhen rolled image… +134 ******** . Men would be made fun of for having an aborti… +133
Story time everyone. That's Layka, she made the June … +133 Ehh......maybe.....nah too risky, might get kissed by gay dude +128
Picture +128 the bat is into rock eh? +128
At least there was no cringe. Only a slight whiff of spaghetti ... +128 Picture +127
Damn the ass was... flat. +127 yes +126
Eastern Buddhists >>>>>>>>>>>… +123 so if the cat got dirty, would he be a filthy hobbeses +122

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