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**dnallor rolls 888** +1291 **dnallor rolls 22** +901
Picture +693 *30 years from now* "North Korea has taken down their… +692
The ability to roll blunts +578 you're god damn right he can. +435
Russian Roulette type of roll. You roll and there is a 1 i… +415 Admin can be so inspirational sometimes Makes me wann… +411
they do not give a **** about brown, which is the… +379 **dnallor rolls 22** +363
but what if i don't have pepper spray? ()() … +362 No faggot, can't you read? +357
More like NesBRICK.... hehehe right guys? get it? +336 Pls no +326
How many black people does it take to start a riot? -1 +318 Funnyjunk was made in 2001. +308
how many black guys do you need to start a riot? … +300 Michael Brown was not being violent when he was killed! *loots… +298
Picture +291 Picture +276
Step 1: Park in Space. Step 2: Get yelled at by some jacka… +276 **anonymous rolled image ** this one doesn't....do the job +276
What kind of ******* logic is that? Destroying yo… +275 Ok so. In a nutshell. A black kid named Mike Brown r… +246
"tit nectar" +246 Some people start feeling anxious and uneasy if they don't hav… +245
It kinda looked like the girl drawing herself on the left was … +240 anyone? +233
Picture +233 The ability to roll some of the newest users to the site, and … +228
**peezle rolled image ** Reddit's FW. +223 -Get my $16 -Buy a Kenyan -Visit South Korea (same as … +222
Wide hips and voluptuous thighs are my thing. +211 You're one of those assholes that ruins wonder trade +207
Picture +206 My real question is, wtf is that kind of random gap in that ho… +205
You forgot to mention that he's 100% colorblind and this is th… +205 the art of war is a pretty good book. you should check it out. +204
I relate to this one better +201 I once had to wait in a line to buy my gf tampons +199
Add a choice to roll a comment from a certain poster, like *ro… +195 Picture +194
Picture +191 Picture +187
Did you not see how he gets ready in the morning in the Movie? +185 Picture +168
I just think it's funny, the blacks were almost in tears of jo… +168 Has anyone even thought that it's HIS sweat? Because her boobs… +166
Picture +165 these ****** wrong, it's Carved Nordic Armour in … +165
#JustPokemonTrainer... +163 These dragons are bros with benefits +163
Then actually wear it on a Tuesday +162 A police officer in Ferguson Missouri received a call from dis… +162
That is ******* well done +161 I apologise, English Lit major here so I don't know any of you… +158
welp, see you on the top comments mate +156 Picture +155
**internetexplain rolled comment #247 ** : I could be a f… +154 Picture +153
The mental institution obviously did a horrible job if he went… +150 Waterproof No spreading false information on fj +148
The real question is if they're gunna include the most importa… +148 If that's the Titanic you can bet I'm going down on it +146
Picture +146 *roll rolls* +145
Her victims +145 Picture +144
But can you do it again +144 I've heard of cereal bars but this is ridiculous +144
Picture +143 It's BECAUSE it's random that it's great you dumb **** . +138
Haha it looks like that guy just animorphs into a skateboard. +137 Admin deserves better. He does his best with this site and I r… +136
Picture +136 thats a bit harsh but if your acc gets banned for liek a week … +135
comes with a burn heal +134 poor Apu +133
dave>joe +130 Smoked weed once starter kit +129

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