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Picture +1105 Picture +595
According to the article, they still need to perform this in a… +568 Picture +559
Picture +552 Based black man +506
Picture +471 The one that survived. +460
Sometimes, humans bodies will reject stuff that is healthy to … +452 Picture +424
Eating is pretty badass. I mean, you put something in a cavity… +370 Excerpt from one post on the forums there: "Dr. … +335
**** you, this one actually got me +315 Picture +306
"W...why don't you take a seat over there." +287 Show me any goddamn face with that lighting in the pitch black… +283
game sphere master race of course +282 I don't care if people say the movies were **** , I … +280
I seem to get more and more right wing everyday. +277 Won't be long now until we can explore the dark corners of the… +275
Runescape here is an image of me in Varrock square +275 Most civil resolution I've ever seen on the internet. +270
Picture +260 Picture +256
Picture +252 Picture +251
The one without HIV. +248 I take it you've never done any butchering? You don't cut thro… +234
Picture +232 how old are you +223
I do +218 Fix'd. +218
Manifest Destiny 2.0 anyone? +207 now how long before they invent ludicrous speed? +204
So she is basically a professional meme +203 Now I've seen quite a few real life near death or death accide… +196
he's also tested positive for crack. +191 Picture +186
So… do we win? +185 Picture +184
I try so hard not to be racist, I really do. But holy **** . +181 Mate, thats a ******* trebuchet. +180
You do have to wonder whether or not he was making a complete … +179 Except... Isn't the Pentagon CIA turf? +178
Picture +173 Maybe we can finally show Notch off being a little bitch if we… +172
oh god, wtf did i rolled +172 **roguehazzard used "*roll cah answer*"** **roguehazzard ro… +171
better with sound +164 Picture +164
I'd buy a New York Jews hat... +160 Jesus ******* christ. +159
best quote +159 For anyone who wants to see James "Captain Slow" May… +158
>Being the medic on a 3 Zerker team Seriously, … +156 I had forgotten about her...now I need to visit **** +151
The day Deathbulge draws a normal comic is the day Myopic draw… +150 "so vladimir puled teh pin on hes grinad yesterdai"… +149
Picture +148 military kickassfact be like +147
Hey assholes, you wanna know why most people see Blacks as vio… +146 I had no idea Notch was such a ******* bitch +145
We have that in Norwegian folklore too, we call it Nøkken. It… +141 $70 in England +138
If she can make money off of it and people want to see them th… +136 Even now the evil seed of what you've done germinates within you. +135
Yeah dude, I hate physics. Gravity is so fake +134 Why hasn't anyone posted him yet? +133
Gotta love how a girl can just lie about a crime and have a gu… +131 I feel like, yeah this show is meant for little kids, and peop… +131
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +126 That's like, the worst comparison in the history of videogame … +123
"Too many people have opinions on things they know nothin… +122 Picture +122
its the loneliness and thought of someone actually caring for you +122 WaW was the best CoD. +122
a bottle would be better he shattered the glass with it wh… +122 "Chewy, we're home" - Han Idk man, i think it mi… +122
Cool, so only white people are racist? ok.... +121 Power grill is best grill. +121

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