He speaks in green text +497 Psychadelicace doing fact comps again +476
If you get matched in one of the most remote places on Earth, … +471 Now send him Mirror's edge +461
"Change your underwear everyday." +455 He said nothing about not washing his ass, only his feet. +414
"fetch me infinity" +350 I can never get tired from posting this. +330
knew you weren't one of those kind of admin after I didn't ge… +328 WE HAD ALL THE CLUES ******* KITTY AND R… +317
dick could fly home at any time. i used to in the games all the time +307 "Couldn't you save the world a little closer to home?&quo… +297
Oh no, there go my sexual intentions. +281 For people who can't survive for more than an hour without pussy +269
I do believe this is an outtake. +259 Picture +252
>yfw your teacher tells you to stop sleeping in class +235 not sure if it still relevant +235
admin and hotwheels should have coffee together sometime +231 We told her to lay on the ground, and she actually did it! The… +229
that **** broke me. don't watch if you don't want… +229 thought we wouldn't notice? +216
FrogInhalingBlackT....JPG +211 Ending got me +209
OP, I don't think you're supposed to post pics of your mom's v… +208 Picture +203
Picture +199 Picture +195
We can be fugly together. +194 HEY ADDY GUESS WHAT … +193
24/25 +191 condensation.gif +188
So he basically puked on the floor and threw a chunk into space +188 Reminded me of this +184
Huh pal, is it? +174 Picture +169
"It would be completely inappropriate" Oh s… +168 I should have just taken their word for it but curiosity got t… +167
I am tired of all this Korrasami My boner is not +166 Hear that? Every good Buddhist gets a free pass inside of me. +164
awwwwww yissssss +164 Picture +162
a man, quite literally in the middle of nowhere managed to get… +162 Here's an Asian version of Jackie chan +161
You can, but if you use too many, you're gonna get a higher ra… +160 This show is from ******* 2010. +159
Picture +158 they hate us cuz they +157
Old School feminists = female rights activists New School… +152 He's the admin of 8-chan He can't WALK +152
Season 10 Episode 2 "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" +151 in case you want to hear her talk +150
Since this is getting a little popular and the subject is femi… +148 C'mon though, Clockwork Orange is honestly pretty tame compare… +144
make first not second +142 Picture +139
We all are. Welcome to FJ. +139 Picture +137
Clearest picture of the bottom of a frying pan ever taken. +137 Teacher's FW.... +137
Picture +136 I love trap +135
Picture +135 Bloody mary, Bloody mary, Jackie cha- GOD DAMNIT! +133
Crazy how nature do dat. +132 stupid AND ungrateful Cunt. +131
Picture +130 goml +129
Created by "Hell yeah, ************ Inc." +125 Oh no....The hammer broke....What an awful inconvenience.... +125
Laaaaaaaaaaammmmmm... +123 Hey addy, guess what? You're a ctually and awesome d… +122
my before and after +121 WTF are you talking about? Pineapple is the most bro-est f… +119
Do you want me to cry? Because I'll cry. Just for you. Not bec… +118 the guy who wrote that is just waiting there like +117
It's like watching a ****** anime post in live-action. +117 Keked so hard shekels fell out of my pockets. +116
Legend of Zelda Dubstep Pls +115 It'll end up to the point where Kitler's reign is the bloodies… +114

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