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I'm going with 4. +616 Picture +502
My dream girl is a ******* face that just floats … +496 stick turns to ash marines breath in ash pepsi +430
Picture +420 Picture +414
more like kept safe for all eternity marines will all die … +387 Soldier: "Mien Fuhrer, I have converted many to the natio… +378
"The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, acco… +371 "first successful" +322
**amsaintly used "*roll picture*"** **amsaintly rolled ima… +306 I swear no other website is run by someone as cool as you. +305
Man that's gotta be at least ten dollars +283 I've did this for a while, and used to pick out stuff I learne… +274
I doubt most of funnyjunk has a memory associated with such a … +268 She had me at "anally penetrated." +268
grainy enough to end world hunger +266 Picture +261
Can you do Shrek is love next? +259 & Knuckles +244
Well it kind of does +230 i identify as a logged in user stop contributing to the patriarchy +227
I'd imagine much of his job is just that, bored out of his min… +220 There are rules for cheating. These rules do not condone cheat… +219
yes it feels amazing +215 I'm pretty sure Canadian GTA would just be the Sims. +213
< me flirting +205 Picture +197
Picture +195 not that you go outside to use them but who are we to judge +192
Oh course it's fake, no one can take this many kicks to the face. +190 Picture +178
Picture +176 Well they didn't get it either +175
I'm so glad I decided to keep browsing instead of going to bed… +167 I like to think I'm being productive playing Smash Bros and be… +166
You guys sure love to beat a dead horse with this brony stuff. +165 Picture +162
or, you know, it's a Race in the Sonic Universe and they all p… +159 **LordFapsalot used "*roll picture*"** **LordFapsalot rolle… +153
Huh, I don't think I've every seen this gif without the girl t… +152 **sweetbutteryjesus used "*roll picture*"** **sweetbutteryj… +144
<me flirting +144 His name is what? +144
I can only imagine. +143 Why are you doing this....? +142
Well to be fair its not walmart that designs these products th… +140 YOU REALIZE THERES A **** SECTION RIGHT??? +139
Man it would suck to be ugly... like you can get fit, dress we… +136 In that last one... Is that a **** station? +134
Picture +131 12:19 "YOU SCARED AWAY MY WAIFU YOU ****** ." +130
Just say it wasn't you. +127 i miss the top two youtube comments thing. +126
Im from wisconsin I got this. just get every ch… +122 getting money through airport security ? +119
PARTY HARD +118 Picture +117
furs +116 Picture +116
Picture +115 Picture +114
You can find anything you want if you look hard enough, black … +113 nobody posted this yet? +113
get your weak ass **** out of here +112 when mom dies +112
i can guarantee you that i'm not going to try that +111 Say it was an accident. It just happens. +111
That image of Brittney Spears made that one so much better tha… +111 I used to do this all the time when I was younger. I gue… +109
more facts: 1. yes, peter pan is said to "thin o… +106 I leave you dickheads alone for one minute. +104
Next Week: "North Korea hacks the North Pole, finds o… +101 Because the people who can afford to buy these things also hap… +100
Ewwww. Why would he **** a feminist? +100 Picture +99
Picture +98 Picture +97
>tfw never getting raped anally by a half Filipino half Ger… +95 That's ... That's either a graspberry.… +95

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