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Was Keith Lovegrove diagnosed with being a Terminator? +751 Picture +525
i find girls with big thighs attractive +482 Damn it carlos! Golden story so far thumb for you, good … +429
lol I genuinely thought admin commented on my post for a secon… +413 What it feels like reading content with enlarging +382
Let me get this straight. I'll be paid 365 million a … +352 "hardly any porn of her" +343
Picture +333 what kind of mastermind is so evil that it has 2 cats +331
Think about fapping +331 Oh my god he's like straight from some Monty Python sketch. +328
'Aww come on guy, i haven't even been gone 5 minutes' +326 >Accept challenge >Friends make fun of me >Pa… +300
Jihad Ramadan. Thats like a Christian dude called Templar Christmas +296 much more effective then sorting things out with the dean and … +296
What it feels like reading content without enlarging. +290 Picture +284
It's only matter of time. +282 I think markiplier did that +275
Picture +257 Holy **** , I can't believe they managed to sum up… +248
Tweeted apologies are the ultimate sign that you genuinely care +243 I anticipated his breakup and i planned to make a dubstep vide… +240
Picture +239 MFW im carlos I bet anyone here im ******* … +227
Who wouldn't marry boogie For real +226 I can finally run depression quest! +223
Looks like you rolled some rolls. +220 Picture +217
are we ******* five now? Like I knew these people… +214 Cry, go on some ****** website, get a bunch of gr… +214
neither have you eaten pussy +211 >Sweet voice >Funny >Never grows a neckbeard … +209
hey op +207 heard before he was a notorious dine and dasher. finally caugh… +203
Idk who this lady is, but shes hot, and kinda scary at the same time +202 ***** 1 million a day? oh lordy would i … +193
why +189 >him during a hardcore pvp session +187
Why would a dilapidated pizza parlour need security guards whe… +186 Fell asleep on the bus.... no idea how to get home. … +185
Picture +180 I find girls attractive. +178
Picture +176 He has 2 cats and he is invisible. This man is unstoppable. +176
Dude, Bryan Cranston has been an actor since the 60's. He's be… +175 ******* five you say... +174
"That's how we do it in China!" … +172 This is a new level of homosexual +171
As users we need to make sure this site stays Funny. So I will… +171 i should troll by siding with zoe, but what she did was too di… +167
This is cute as Hell +166 Do you really think he has any influence on what happens? +165
>elementary school >last class before going home … +165 That's about 750 dollars out of my price range +163
Awesome. But can you please make the columns a bit thinner… +161 He didn't finish those errands. +158
I love how you didn't end on the Freddy Mercury one, you just … +158 Phil Fish gives me so much hope. If someone that reta… +156
If I weren't gay, maybe this would be a harder decision +153 I feel like im the only person on Funnyjunk who hates Anime, i… +151
gay +148 Idk how everyone else feels, but I love the entire concept of … +147
I'll start. +147 These are so cute +146
"He's not black he has a skin condition" … +146 HFW He didn't give her any +145
Seriously, someone needs to contact admin to hook this guy up … +145 Major props to the UK police preventing rubbernecking … +144
Well, they got a dinosaur, they dress it up and it's awsome. A… +142 false. Phanact is Admins side bitch so admin gotta have a boyf… +141
I would laugh my ass off if a mod took the time to do somethin… +141 it's been bad for a long time. now there is just a lot of expo… +139
>Dad with alzhiemer. >Started to mix words up. &… +135 Another ufo i got caught on tape +133
Each of my balls is a spirit bomb +133 Picture +132
**bearkraves rolled image ** "and you sir are you … +132 It says igeos-eun nosa hwahab-ui aleumdaun gyeolsil (이것은… +129

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