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i had to +557 well **** +487
I have this saved, Its great +437 He's a rapper. His name is Chance. +433
Picture +412 What about the cleverest of all the logos? +367
i ******* cringed at how beta this guy was in thi… +363 it probably is +360
Wow, karma IS a bitch! +355 well when you are gay you do handle a lot of hot meat +320
Kids never give a **** Childre… +318 Kids always know what's up. +307
while the second part is a bit **** , having all a… +297 MFW that one rich grandmother who has no idea how much $300 is +282
Work in daycare Make sandwiches for kids Run low on br… +281 Who the **** is Chance the Rapper? +281
"I'm all ears" You can't sneak one past me,… +276 Picture +272
Picture +272 Picture +270
250 thumbs saves this radioshow and I keep going. +266 Invisible barriers +258
Picture +258 i always feel bad for fat/ugly/midget actors because partially… +256
I thought he was going to find the dog dead by the hands of Jews +254 Picture +253
He's in an abortion clinic +250 what I see in the mirror +250
Picture +233 Doesn't matter still heard start up sound +218
Most likely, but being on tumblr didn't help. +215 The Japanese fight for their emperor. The English fig… +206
"Have you ever been a patient here?" "No&qu… +203 No, a majority volunteers. Then you simply draft those you nee… +200
Picture +200 This is what happens when I try and draw things in paint... … +199
ITT: Kids doing stupid and/or funny **** . +198 I hate it when people can't be a card, so selfish. +196
Picture +194 Picture +193
You can also get dick from Richard. if yo… +192 Picture +190
Picture +189 Did this to my aunts kid. Ones 5 and the other 3. They wanted … +188
that's okay though because a 3rd hit will never come. +188 That's what he gets for being a dumbass +183
Picture +180 Here's a one from the physics building in my university. There… +180
Picture +176 Wonderful performance Baconface. +175
Anticitezenone "Who the **** is thi… +170 Picture +169
Picture +169 always ******* ponies +168
then a bit of color. and you're done. +167 Picture +166
Had Chance the Rapper performance about 2 weeks ago on my camp… +165 Am I the only one who thinks that the concept of gender fluidi… +165
Picture +159 Fitting perfectly huh? +157
It's also a penguin. +157 Picture +155
for kids +153 >Be in 6th grade >Teacher is teaching us about divis… +151
one time a girl made a facebook status about some girl being a… +150 "These goggles look like **** ." +150
If daddy doesn't shave for mommy, then mommy doesn't shave for… +150 I don't know what you'd get But I'm sure it would be quite… +146
Picture +145 10/10 would have shameful thoughts after. +144
Picture +142 ** ************ rolled user steelwoolsheep ** … +139
I don't think she knows what being gay is. +136 itsthetie you know this ****** thing will never l… +135
its like regular toast, but with more guns. +133 Soccer/Football players that aren't Christiano Ronaldo be like +129
Picture +127 Picture +125
Laser-guided karma. +123 still about a hundred bucks off +123

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