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I cant tell, he's wearing a mask. +666 Weird, if you turn at 69 degrees you get this +636
Picture +617 relevant +490
"He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!" +448 "Does this look like the face of mercy?" +406
that should happen when you gain a new level. thumbs … +400 Even more amazingly, if a robot makes 180 degrees turns... ! +368
Weeee wooo... weee woooo... weeee woooo... .... WEE … +327 Picture +308
father's fw talking to his daughter +306 goddamn cosplayers.... +300
"why do drive through ATMs have braille on them?" +294 It feels like somebody... Wants to SELL ME SOMETHING!!! +293
Looks like he smashed the competition. +283 "Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy" +279
**xxxsniparmasterxx rolled image ** ******* P… +273 Picture +272
This cheeky little **** gets me every time +272 Picture +271
Picture +271 Admin I want you to give me red text. It's okay though bec… +257
Lol what a pussy bitch, I smoke the real **** +255 Picture +251
Time to unveil this monster. +250 N is for no survivors +247
oh **** ****** wat r u doing +245 People always tell me, "you're no good". NO, I'M GOO… +241
Velma >Daphne +238 “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I… +237
If this isn't an example of bad script writing, I don't know w… +236 Don't even get me started on the game adaptation. +234
“It’s not just any boulder……..it’s a ROCK!” +220 "Careful spongebob... Careful spongebob... CAREFUL SPONGEBOB +215
Picture +214 him later +211
Supah Hot Fire +201 The guy doesn't have a daughter. Turns out he was daughter all… +199
"Nice dick." "You too" Everyo… +196 Picture +194
So much later, that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and… +190 Read this part in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Voice. +187
I've enjoyed LOK But I think it lacks a lot of the things … +186 im sorry, "korra"? KORRA?! +173
Patient's fw when asked to take her temperature +167 Picture +165
I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward Squidward Squidward +164 BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE!! BELLY BUTTONS?!!! [big][big] +157
Picture +157 There's even a mod for realistic horse genitals. Not even kidding. +155
This **** is completely illogical. Just you … +155 that helpful arab saved those 2 white girls from having that c… +152
I believe the first guy to make this famous is known as "… +147 *goes to phanact* >Suck joshlol's dick. >>I l… +147
Don't tell me you guys actually like this show. +147 Comedy is the solution to mundane advertising. **** … +146
If I don't lie then how will I hide the surprise birthday party? +144 Guess that steroids also affect the brain. They'd better use n… +144
What if he took off the mask and he was Masahiro Sakurai, the … +143 Don't black out from an overdose. +142
Severed connection to the rest of the avatars ***… +141 "You may eat me, but let this be known, puny human. … +141
Why the **** do people still not know this simple rule? +141 Not when I shift into maximum overdrive. +139
yes i too love injecting 5 melonjuanas +138 A white phantom only leaves when his duty is done. +137
I know situations like this would be few and far between, but … +137 “You can’t fool me. I listen to public radio!” -Squidward +137
it had to be done. +137 Picture +137
no, but the ant did +135 He looks like a Mega man villan +134
Some people don't want to be helped... Some people ad… +134 [ranking intensified] +133
Jesse Y are you saying like that pls stop or i will eXit this ship +132 I really hate the stereotype of cops being pigs when most of t… +127
Always good to see people get rekt +127 Picture +126
**viole rolled image ** +125 Picture +124

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