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I luv u +482 Picture +401
Now we know +383 i stuck my gay lovers ashes in a pot of chili so he can rip th… +363
put down the megaphone every once and a while, and just listen +348 **martinfreeman rolled image ** why he was shot +340
The one ******* time they get it right... +320 Dear rest of the world, At least we're not you. … +303
Picture +303 You're goddamn right it's a robe +302
i can just imagine him trying to carry it and going EEEEEeeeeee +297 I'm not funny , I'm german. +293
that means they are well made cultural referrences. +291 Picture +270
***** , you're one beta ************ . +262 It would seem black friday is every day in Ferguson. +260
What the plot of the game? +254 this is the reason i don't like books +249
Picture +248 close enough +243
DayZ gameplay +241 Because smash is not a game, it's where everything is decided +239
its SWIGGITY SWOOTY YOU AUTISTIC **** +238 Happens to me all the time. +237
Excuse me prankers of youtube, the above is a prank, asking th… +233 Got me when he said " I'm gonna fap to that, but that doe… +232
Everyone taking the "tweet abuse" joke seriously +231 i made an attempt, your comment inspired me +228
im a faget +223 Taking pantie shots with your camera. +220
"some next level dress illusion" This got … +219 Picture +217
Well i try to make a joke i fail Gg no re +212 He is wielding a Gladius. A Roman sword. +204
Ohhhhh, **** you man. +204 Picture +203
Guess ******* come in white, too, now. +202 I can barely climb a ******* rope. +195
the diaper is incase he takes a kangerpoo +195 Aaand this is why I usually don't do satire +192
Picture +189 Hi german i'm dad +184
the mouse being ripped in half got to me a lil bit +184 I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish. +184
What made peanutbitter so great is that he didn't want his &qu… +176 #basedmom's fw She's the leader feminism deserves +176
Stupid ******* bitch She's so full of … +175 when I see this picture I automatically assume that she's bein… +175
Picture +174 We're not playing to save someone's life anymore, Smash is for… +172
Welcome to the navy kid +172 The show is pointless to watch now,the mystery is all gone +172
**bartdude rolled image ** of course the condoms are fr… +168 7.8/10 EA would DLC this thread. +167
Picture +164 I would have loved Tolkien even more if this was how it went d… +162
HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... DA-A-A-D EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... DAD-… +161 **kingoftheinterwebs... rolls 11** last time this was posted… +160
That's what teamwork looks like when there are people who can … +159 Hi dad , I'm dad. +159
Picture +158 If we all listened to Black Comedy man the world would be a be… +156
"As they say in Missouri, I ain't going back to Missouri!" +150 Picture +147
aim for the fat one, there's only one there +145 They actually said one of the reasons for amiibo was to help s… +145
SOILED IT +144 Picture +144
Hi, dad i'm dad +144 Picture +144
Hi dad, i'm dad +142 HI DAD, I'M DAD! +142
Hi!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!! I'M!!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!! +142 Guys this isn't a prank, no one hurt anyone then pointed at a … +141
Because the Posse Comitatus Act prevents military operation a… +141 **joemamaa rolls 33** +141
Hi dad , I'm dad +141 Hi dad , I'm dad. +141
Hi dad , I'm dad!!! +138 Picture +137

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