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He might take that as an invitation +524 Yeah man, I know what you mean. I always take my friends o… +354
Dank memes, bro. Still found it funny. +347 god I hope not +333
>korasalami +332 "years streaming down my face" +327
More like biology than physics, to be honest. +311 I tried +303
Picture +301 Picture +294
It hasn't been this bad since... well, you know. +291 You did it Korra! You saved the city! +290
Some are, some aren't. However most who are transphobic are re… +282 Picture +281
YES! let the hate flow through you, young chihuahua. +270 its just constant, usually one ******* korasalami… +255
They grow up so fast +255 See, this is the non-cancer fun cute side of tumblr I like. Th… +250
We support prejudice equality, everyone gets **** . +247 terrible form in their kicks they are garbage fighters +247
Picture +246 Picture +235
or a huge weeb +231 Picture +223
I AM THE GREAT RULER +218 I don't like Doctor Who. +217
Picture +213 Picture +212
Not if they are too old +210 It had to be done. jpeg compression is a horrib… +205
bitches be like "just dyed my hair red!!!" +199 Picture +194
**letrollzor used "*roll faggots*"** **letrollzor rolls Pha… +194 Asami's dad death tho. +183
Hey OP you forgot this one. Hope you guys enjoy… +181 Have this because of reasons +180
My own website +179 Picture +179
My Sony hacked by hermit crab kingdom. +176 10/10 +175
"just for fj" WHO ELSE DO YOU DRAW FOR?!?!? +172 He doesn't know how to close the game, bro. +168
Picture +168 Picture +167
>bolin got one of the most badass abilities and only used i… +165 Picture +162
How dare you call me transphobic, you misogynistic cishet rapi… +162 how.. how could you "lol" +161
Literally no one from Canada pronounces 'Canada' in any way th… +159 Seniors, man +156
HFW the fly finishes. +154 Did anyone ever think that the glass is twice the size it need… +152
I would rather die alone than spend the rest of my life with s… +150 We get it. They held hands at the end. Doesn't mean they're go… +147
Picture +147 Picture +147
Picture +140 Picture +139
my gif broke in gimp +136 nopostonsundays.jpg +136
But that's where you're wrong, silly whore! +134 Then I serve the devil well +131
Yes, like... a Japanese person. +131 It's Excalabin. Whoever can wrench it from its hole will becom… +131
What? it's a ******* first person shooter, you ar… +130 mmmmm +130
How to fix all the reposts from Funnyjunk +127 Picture +126
well at least he's got the right attitude to survive a zombie … +126 "Wait, **** , I did it wrong." +125
Posts a pointless statement instead. +125 Picture +125
But the question is: Did he ask for this? +123 the devastating effects of skooma +122
mfw ive seem all these comments this past week +120 HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Spamshamer seeks to regain his honor afte… +118
I'd rather live as a "fat nerd who lives in his moms base… +116 LE manly mman man xDDDDD gibe thumbs +114

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