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goddamn cosplayers.... +521 >be me, business man with aspergers >on bluetooth ca… +503
Picture +476 Grand Theft Auto 6 Demo +385
Picture +354 Don't tell me you guys actually like this show. +325
I had the opposite luck >be outside stealing wifi … +313 the future is now +301
my face when +286 HR: no you're not going to be fired francis, we still can't ev… +274
Picture +259 Do you still hang out with Ferris Bueller? +244
"You may eat me, but let this be known, puny human. … +232 what the **** shave him bald and scrub h… +222
Picture +219 Picture +217
**martinfreeman rolled image ** this is how it feels like +214 Picture +207
Either beat his little ass or send him to therapy before he es… +206 Well someone need to pick the cotton. +203
Picture +193 her response was probably "this is why I need feminism&qu… +190
I miss the days when knuckles was just gullible instead of leg… +190 Picture +183
mfw +182 girl: come over me: i can't i'm in east berlin … +180
That has to be the most racist comic I've ever seen +173 Dadimir Putin +170
Picture +170 Picture +170
**bringmesolo rolled image ** Funny Junk Starter Pack +168 it was obviously going to be posted sooner or later... +165
mfw holocaust in the commet section +164 As glorious as this badge looks, I don't deserve it. This … +161
Thats ******* gross +160 So this is why feminists are so against video games. … +153
Picture +151 Picture +145
Never ceases to amaze me how technology has changed in just a … +145 1) Randomly 2) Randomly 3) Chrome 4) +144
That's gotta be one old dog too. In the first pic the kid is a… +142 Shut the **** up Jordan. +142
Why do i see a yellow line!!! +141 Picture +140
Unless you have you have a personality disorder (which could b… +138 Picture +138
"I wonder if a fall from this height will kill me" +135 why feminazis wont stop +135
Picture +131 >be me, CEO of bank >employee is late for work &… +129
I watched the movies because of her and the plots. Wonderful R… +125 Well I like it three much! +125
Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly t… +125 If all the Tumblrinas in the world just disappeared overnight,… +125
Picture +125 > be me, quarter in some guys pocket >i got a nice c… +122
Mufasa's death reenacted with people and ladders +122 "Lol gay" +121
I'm pretty sure the food comes OUT of this hole, dude. +120 Picture +120
Oh boy this comment section +119 This is how all cringe comps should be made. +119
Picture +118 **bioderf rolls 888** ha ha. trippy +118
I'm sorry whats that about it not waking you up with loud repe… +118 - Oscar Wide +118
i wanted to be a game designer because i liked playing video g… +117 >Get Assassin's Creed Unity >"Please connect to… +117
Picture +115 i dont think anyone on earth is equal i think there will alway… +115
**thedudeintheshirt rolled image ** Me in year 9 +114 Just to clear up some things before everyone falls for the sen… +114
Picture +113 Its a worm and it is partying hard. +113
She looks maybe 12. +112 Time to shave my head. +112
black people +111 If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Okay, time… +111
**vlemich rolls 444** happy tripsgiving +110 So everyone will stop doing it miia already saw this, at least… +110

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