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So I told my brother to graduate.. he actually did it the abso… +928 **anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +750
The fact that they used the exact same shot of the ball going … +517 Picture +479
Fixed that for you +417 Tug of water +395
I tried +352 The only problem I see is choosing the universe you want. +335
Hard G all the way +333 oh yes, 4chan so kewwll amirite guise theyre reel badasses, ju… +329
actually its الله أكبر i know because im swedish +326 An engineering feat that was under budget? +306
I ******* love this logic. You don't wanna bang me… +292 Dear lord, that last one is a whole new level of burning. +279
gifinator 5000 +276 I don't care what gender or age you are, if your father gifts … +274
I've never understood reddit, their website must be one of the… +269 **chokinandtokin used "*roll cah answer*"** **chokinandtoki… +262
That would imply she knew their fathers. +254 row row fight the powah +254
THIS WILL COME IN HANDY +252 Picture +252
oh boy its time, green on red, what a way to start my friday +236 Picture +231
Picture +230 All these people bitching about BBC are ******* 12 year… +224
The kickass fact here is the husband drinking in the bar for 1… +224 But, which show was great? +218
Where in Australia did you get it? +217 Picture +215
Not being first. +214 >Be about 13 >Go on school trip to Austria (from UK)… +210
I thought this would be dumb, but it was hilarious. Each one g… +210 Crawling on the ground in a public bathroom is more disgusting… +203
You do realize that getting fit is not all just healthy eating… +198 Just keep watching to the end of the gif to find out. +198
Because land dog is too low, and water is too deep, it's me, T… +196 i tried +194
A perfect world with no infidels, no bacon, and no alcohol +194 **superblade used "*roll cah answer*"** **superblade rolls … +193
Really ****** ? Tug of water? That ain't even clev… +187 Picture +187
"Go hard or go home" +185 > be black male living in small black town > have 8 … +184
Newton's Fourth Law: when a cat is removed from a box, a secon… +183 Black Tweets can melt dank memes +181
fix'd +180 Picture +175
Really? Cause from what I've seen, it's more like < this. +175 I'd probably make a dent in my student loan +173
Picture +172 The fact that you have to write it a different way to show how… +171
I looked outside and I saw a van driving away... +170 Picture +168
>Was able to stop light completely Wow he discover… +166 being first +164
im so ******* high right now +160 Butthurt so strong I started making synonyms. Butthurt; An… +158
Picture +153 Uh, why did you upload a blank post? Is there a joke here I'm … +149
mfw that last one +148 Picture +147
look at it +147 Picture +145
Picture +145 "Don't hit anyone (that's stronger than you) period"… +145
**EdwardNigma used "*roll cah answer*"** **EdwardNigma roll… +142 Good to see he didn't get butchered like Scooby +140
Sure, as soon as fat people stop being fat. +138 On one hand, not a pony, on the other hand, glorious batle beast. +137
Picture +136 -Spend one night there -Get million -Rebuild house … +135
Now's my chance! +133 At least you're not a mod +130
Picture +129 yfw +127
Why was the last one in a Cringe compilation? ****** ab… +126 Then his friend texted him "thin **** " and he… +126
GalactiREKT +126 #cutforZayn +122

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