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Yeah, no +1157 Hey Admin, this looks pretty familiar.. You remember… +991
You control the game by anally clenching morse code. +653 Every Year +617
>Once spent almost a day just grinding Willows in Runescape… +543 ************ +539
Literally the best explanation I've seen for it. +493 **ryjed rolled image ** hahaha i want to internet explore her! +487
I thought she was gonna cut off her thumb at first +429 Hipsters and Visualki ( which are Japanese hipsters who dress … +418
Oo let's do this then Well first off i'm on funnyjunk… +382 Everytime you respawn something changes colour +357
OP didn't post the full .gif +348 **unfitninjuh rolls 6** 6 +339
Picture +326 I can feel the XD +322
That's China not Japan, education ************ . +315 And then you have the japanese giant hornets, which are the di… +295
a game that starts out cute but gets more offensive each time … +293 joshlol will be the guy to screencap this and make it into content. +288
Yes. If your dad doesn't drive a manual, you've got … +286 Picture +284
The Tetris way of life is the best way of life +274 Picture +273
Picture +261 Picture +261
>pale skin >goth-type look +259 Michael Cera is an Actor that, in every movie follows these ru… +256
Flag this post for pornography..... because I came +253 **elfensky rolled user joshlol ** <-- joshlol gets ebola +250
hey, i'm the bieber guy here. +250 Picture +244
Best car security in America - A manual transmission +243 Picture +241
**graboidzero rolled image ** husband's face when he finall… +236 Avatar Spirit is confirmed not permanently lost, since Toph c… +234
When you press start your character can't breathe and starts to die. +229 Picture +228
Picture +226 never underestimate the power of virginity +220
That's Thailand +218 Who needs porn when you have things like this? +216
No. Joshlol will never be inside anyone. +216 I wouldn't say that. The guy who proposes has to contain h… +214
Picture +214 Where do I sign up to become a ClothesBuster? +210
To heal in-game you have to eat a Snickers IRL. +205 Picture +203
Picture +200 This is a fork for advance eaters. You spin it above your head… +199
I saw the squatting and...well I had nothing else to do. +196 comeback? +191
for primsun +189 Picture +187
Picture +184 Yawn +180
Well you do now. +180 >"come over" "No" < > &qu… +177
if he got wood to build a house, couldn't he just build a brid… +173 hfw +166
Instead of changing your limbs into weapons, you can change yo… +165 In before flat. I think they can be cute. Don't judge me. +165
Picture +163 I came so hard +158
Uh Wildly inaccurate Noone cares about heroes of … +158 calm down everyone +156
he's joshlol tho +154 9/10 bait. "Unplayable" - IGN +152
**hopporto rolls 22** +152 Picture +149
12 fall avenue +149 Picture +148
No idea where your image comes from... but am I the only feeli… +146 sasuke sama would never call anybody a bitch... WAIT … +146
Their face realizing what they named the place +145 Just one question, October 22 of which year? +145
Ah yes, a refreshing cup of Game Journo Tears. +144 Over the course of the year, you KNOW she came to recognize th… +144
Picture +143 That's an awesome power +141

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