He speaks in green text +628 I doubt it... But Ok +540
We told her to lay on the ground, and she actually did it! The… +535 I do believe this is an outtake. +470
Picture +429 Picture +404
saw that on 4chan like 10 years ago +388 yeah straight people totally need reassurance at every step of… +346
Okay, bro. That's like, 200 percent gay **** rig… +334 "Couldn't you save the world a little closer to home?&quo… +327
Picture +308 thought we wouldn't notice? +295
Since this is getting a little popular and the subject is femi… +288 I look like someone who got first comment too many times +286
Picture +282 Picture +262
my dad would be like "wouldn't blood covered tampon sound… +260 Picture +256
they hate us cuz they +254 Made this for you itsthetie +251
for the jaguar one +250 You look gear for a two year old. +249
me +244 He's the admin of 8-chan He can't WALK +243
Though I won't be continuing my dank WebM series, I'm passing … +239 condensation.gif +235
I don't think enough people realize just how ******* … +232 "S'cuse me, love? I'd tell her to go **** he… +232
David if you do this I can guarantee that this will be on the … +232 "I'm married bye" Then why the **** are… +229
a man, quite literally in the middle of nowhere managed to get… +226 That's a cool party trick +224
Picture +218 Don't let it be over! +218
I love having an excuse to post this. +208 The post made absolutely no implications as to what the poster… +207
Maybe it's for couples who want different temperatures of heat… +205 Picture +204
God damnit ernie I ******* hate you but the count… +204 Picture +199
Picture +198 mine has sound +198
We can be fugly together. +194 Here's a present itsthetie +192
Picture +190 "Oi, m8; I'm not a ******* burd" +188
"Oh **** the radio shows on?" *Ente… +179 Picture +178
Obviously the most important use for portal gun. +178 Ah...now I look like a retard. +177
It was fun. I got 197 thumbs on one comment in one … +176 Foudn him! +176
**** +174 Do you want me to cry? Because I'll cry. Just for you. Not bec… +165
Picture +162 Picture +160
That's because American feminism is based on the belief that w… +160 I made a thingy! +159
Here's the video of it +157 I love that their not taking ISIS that seriously +157
my dad and i have this kind of bond, only not with metal lyric… +155 I am betting $50 that they bullied this kid for months or eve… +155
If you're 6"3 sideways, I'd consider losing a few. +154 Picture +153
welcome to funnyjunk, where 9gag watermarks are worse than gore +153 Picture +153
C'mon though, Clockwork Orange is honestly pretty tame compare… +151 where's the girl edition? +151
IT'S FROWNED UPON BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL, YOU ********** … +150 It's Depression Quest but you need to walk 3 feet each time yo… +149
Picture +149 Here's the version where he also gets pelted with rocks … +148
>Order this >cut it up >eat it piece by piece… +148 Boobs big enough to make Germany score 7 times +147
Picture +146 Picture +146
Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episode 3 Breaker of Chains +145 It still reads pretty anti-gamergate to me. +143
Picture +143 Seriously? Not even "truck the police?" +142

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