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Picture +1998 every week highest comment renames anon +1034
Bring back DJ ADMIN +992 a channel-block addition to a profile, so you don't see anythi… +757
Chocolate Rain. Some stay dry, but others feel the pain +718 **neogiga rolled image ** A feels button. +678
This site really doesn't like black people, huh? +610 Picture +579
if you wan't to assume your a man ******* dress l… +499 HFW +473
The apple and Samsung one, reverse it now +464 How about that huge, yet sleek and slender fish tho? That cert… +463
Love you admin. +460 better format on mobile +423
What is he, chicken ? +418 I hope for the day i can use this in all honesty +404
It is the same like when I say I'm proud to be German. Then ev… +358 Remember back when you gave FJ points for doing stuff on the s… +356
**** the fish, eat the girl, kill the cake +348 A woman +347
"Small white boy screams when he can't handle thick black… +344 how do you **** that up for **** sakes +334
Thank you for your contribution. +314 Just imagine Admin commentating on things he sees on fj... … +308
what a waist of money +305 Seasonal Backgrounds? ie: Jack O' Lanterns in October… +295
Picture +290 quickly! change nothing +272
Treat them like trolls, dont add to the fire kids. Yall know b… +261 And then started the mascot uprising because Steve could just … +257
Picture +255 Picture +250
Sing for us ****** +247 even admin's voice sounds like it lifts regularly +247
“The worst were the peanut M&Ms. The soft chocolate acte… +245 Leonardo De Caprio +244
Stop oppressing ice giants!! +233 Picture +230
So much RT content I'm so happy +230 We don't like ******* . Black people are fine. For… +224
where would the world be without us +223 **thelizardqueen rolled user retrochris ** tfw you are no… +222
Picture +222 Picture +216
you'd just replace all the media files with gay porn +213 I have never seen anyone so unimpressed by an attempt on his life. +211
original +209 The countdown for a person taking their own life reaches zero … +208
That witty ************ +208 Picture +207
>people with vaginas gets me blowing excessive air… +206 It's not when Jesus dies, it's when Jesus undies. +206
things that never happened for 500 +205 I... I don't know who to root for here. +202
The World Cup's equivalent for Hockey. +200 It's like the evolution of the average Team Fortress 2 player +199
Well, at least banana will never abandon me. +198 Sorry, but it's hard to animate gifs in ms paint +197
Picture +196 Picture +190
haha same thing happens to me but no one comes haha so funny +187 guys the sirens are on and the army is every… +186
they're just jealous +182 Picture +176
got elected twice +176 Pizza dough: flour, salt, yeast and cooking/olive oil. +176
This can stop immediately for the price of a PS4, mom. +175 DJ admin, faggot. +174
UPDATE syrianassassin is not dead yet, but is being reloc… +174 finally heard admin's voice again +174
you cant trap steve +173 Picture +170
>apple >superiority +170 She broke the rule, she paid the price +170
i hovered over the green thumb button until i saw who posted this +169 Picture +166
Tell your mom so she can petition to have playgrounds banned f… +166 What this guy said. Not all black men are ******* … +164
I Use My Time Wisely +162 Freddie Bin Liftin' +160

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