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so, you bought 1? +497 Picture +385
**unfairlybanned rolls 66** +378 this was oc a few months ago. the comic makers name was cut out +372
The new Assassin's Creed looks great. +355 "woah i bet they know how to 360 noscope" +321
mfw I'm Darth Maul +320 *Fixed How love really is +301
**unfairlybanned rolled image ** +298 Mirrors aren't even real +283
look at all the funny +270 Oh, well shit you weren't kidding. You ARE in the papers. +263
dude... +261 Dating a flower was never a good idea to begin with. +256
Oh no he only has 98 lives now. +254 Picture +245
Never forget +243 "OMG AN MP5 I HAEV ONE OF THOSE IN CALL OF DUTY" +240
Fixed +237 the fuck dude. what am i supposed to do with my fucking boner now? +236
Picture +234 Hey look it's PeanutButterGamer and Neil Patrick Harris. +233
>fap into condoms +231 Picture +221
I have two ferrets, but from now on, they are catsnakes. +218 Picture +209
Picture +208 **peterbowser rolled image ** <--- I never watched this … +205
Bitch, please. Your reptilian ass shouldn't even be able to SU… +204 You missed out on an opportunity to call "Manga" &qu… +199
Getting real tired of your shit. +197 P diddy is fuckin hilarious. They need to put him in more movies. +192
Picture +187 Picture +186
I don't even watch One Piece and I already know how it's going… +183 Picture +179
i dont think fat people eat green things +177 >be robbing house >hear home owner snoring, don't wo… +175
The joke is that he's not going to have enough sex to us… +171 his dads face when he saw them crush brazil and knew it was de… +170
To all of these +169 **internetexplain rolled comment #1829933 ** : *an hero* … +167
>made a variety of facial expressions at parents while sayi… +165 KHAAAAAAAAN CHING CHONG DING DONG SHUT THE FUCK UP +164
Look at all that funny +161 "She touched my dick and i instantly came and started far… +159
Does she get double points because she went off two diving boards? +158 lol ron swanson setting the president straight xDD +157
**anonymous rolls 6,666** +156 More like compliment your dad, the mailman, the milkman, the n… +155
mom: "ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?!" +155 Picture +154
12% battery life +149 How we all know it would really go down. +147
I kept passing these by with a TL;DR additude. I regret it now… +147 Picture +147
in 4000 years gecko people shall return to earth and claim wha… +145 Wololo! +141
This is an unpopular opinion? Your addiction, your problem. +140 Picture +139
ayyy lmao +139 I notice a distinct lack of usage from North Korea... +137
Well sign me up for tank school! +136 Well thank god he's not operating the damn roller coaster. +136
insomnia is not a fucking joke! especially when you fuckers ca… +133 Picture +131
**fistfireace rolled comment #727457 ** : ohman you think… +129 Picture +129
91% of chefs are men. I don't know if any meaningful … +128 party hard +126
Shiny Politoad master race +126 Picture +125
Because if the sheep is orange it's very clear it came from th… +125 >Tries to make dinner. >>Accidentally makes … +121
Season 9 Episode 15 Brothers & Sisters +121 Picture +119
Step one of unpopular opinion poffin. Know your audience. … +116 You know what they say..... +115

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