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Because smash is not a game, it's where everything is decided +540 Excuse me prankers of youtube, the above is a prank, asking th… +507
That's what teamwork looks like when there are people who can … +502 put down the megaphone every once and a while, and just listen +480
If we all listened to Black Comedy man the world would be a be… +460 We're not playing to save someone's life anymore, Smash is for… +416
Picture +339 op you forgot this one +336
>its 2014 lets get equal >lets get equal > le… +334 Oh my god +326
The one ******* time they get it right... +324 It's not a selfy, but it's my son who was born today. … +317
You're goddamn right it's a robe +304 look at all that funny +301
DayZ gameplay +301 Picture +270
Picture +267 Well whats the point of being overpowered if you can wreck a f… +265
***** , you're one beta ************ . +263 And they all land safely +262
4 generations, thousands of encounters, and now Alpha Sapphire… +255 Excuse me, you have very nice tits. +249
I like how even before they realize it's a joke they don't act… +244 I wonder what it's like to **** +242
Ohhhhh, **** you man. +240 Picture +239
its SWIGGITY SWOOTY YOU AUTISTIC **** +238 I'll do ur mom then lol +237
Everyone taking the "tweet abuse" joke seriously +231 He has casual fagit disorder, or CFD. The only cure is to git gud. +229
Picture +229 The last time I went to the dentist, they had a *******… +226
Picture +220 Because in his own games, he knows they are his games. He will… +219
And here you see a man who's gonna need eye surgery... +214 They actually said one of the reasons for amiibo was to help s… +211
Id choose the glasses. the possibilities are endless!! … +209 Picture +208
what a bitch +206 Wake up, America. +202
Picture +202 Jesus those are just too many wet floor signs to be reasonable… +201
That actually doesn't sound like that bad of an idea. +195 Picture +190
**anonymous rolls 9** /9 +179 When people say ******* they don't necessarily me… +178
Clearly that car was made in Japan. +177 My black coworker told me I have white privilege. Wanted to sm… +177
0/10 didn't have to yell DUDE IT'S A PRANK to not get the … +174 Welcome to the navy kid +172
Dont be joshlol. +170 **punkeryo rolled image ** <-- what i have to confess +168
Picture +167 No, the one with the plankton was just a decoy formula. … +167
I would have loved Tolkien even more if this was how it went d… +163 Please stop breathing. +163
thats how you handle a riot - just send in the guys with nothi… +161 Guys, this is actually an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THING This i… +159
I just got a new shirt, happy as can be +158 wut? +158
Picture +156 our biggest child porn posting troll looks about 12 while one … +155
You guys have nothing on Jewish Wolverine +152 so is she +151
Picture +150 Picture +150
Why not invent a shower-bed? +149 Love how he shakes his hips at least 3x better than her +149
I'm high and drunk. You just mind fudd me. Assailed. +148 Shimakaze-ass? +144
**nought rolled image ** He'll be going balls deep +143 Final Destination Logic. "this thinmetal will now crush t… +142
Really though coming from someone who has anxiety the only way… +139 Picture +135
Fine. Don't Like we're all going to miss being able … +135 >go up to that hot girl in class >"e-e-e-e-excu… +134
Picture +134 Picture +132
prob **** quality sauce for th… +132 Is this how riots are in canada? +130

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