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FJ Right now +1631 that ******* arm +844
if we are banning SJWs for voicing their opinion, then we are … +674 The Face of Internet Freedom is Kim Jong-Un... Who could'v… +603
" Where u lookin at? " +570 >Roll down ice >Break window +547
**anonymous rolled image ** +533 "let's not become a huge circlejerk" Oh Adm… +488
Coming from a psychology major.... +483 So you're a surgeon on welfare? +480
is that really the 8chan owner? if so he's a badass, … +443 Picture +436
FJ leads the fight against SJW says FJ +430 Wow, what a gentleman. +427
May i come in? +420 pepsi max +410
I knew I chose the best place to waste my time +395 Tfw biebergotswag is talking sense +364
poor little guys +363 FJ after all this SJW stuff is over +352
That arm at the end was a nice touch. +349 Picture +342
4chan: The new way to browse funnyjunk +337 Go outside and actually walk around for once. The amount of ma… +328
no spinach, 0/ ******* 10 +323 Picture +318
That guy knocked out his wife, and then dragged her unconsciou… +311 Too lazy to put finger, rather use cursor +310
Picture +305 Love how he turns around for a moment before continuing +276
Picture +252 See you in the next cringe comp, faggot. +250
2 years. 2 years I've had it active. Now it lays ther… +248 thumb down is still a thumb necrophilia please +243
You know to much. +240 Well.... it works. +237
Hi leonhardt +230 Even in games you get that feeling when someone is staring at … +224
Picture +223 Yeah everything is going as normal. 1. Something big … +223
I'm on board with supporting 8chan, but >commu… +217 Picture +216
"These devout religious people don't know anything about … +215 You're on FJ now, it's not called downvoting anymore. +214
That's something worth remembering +213 Learning about other cultures is now a bad thing +202
bitch got served +200 Am I the only one who finds america impressive? German-Fag he… +194
Picture +194 >Capitalist That was the cherry on this cake, … +191
**oddbird rolled image ** FJ screencaps being posted to 4ch… +185 **robztergames rolled image ** 4chan FW +184
>This week >1993 Well **** I haven'… +184 A typical turn based ERRR PERRR GER +184
Jenni Herd.. More like JENNI NERD! +180 Picture +180
I always wanted the rest of you to come here, but not like this. +179 because I do my research son +176
**divinexve rolled image ** mfw half life 3 finally gets co… +175 It's being directed by this ************ right he… +174
mfw he paused to look around at the player +174 "mup da doo didda" ******* hel… +171
Whitelisting FJ. Ads are a go. +169 **anonymous rolled image ** >moot the betrayer &… +169
Ha-ha! How the tables have turned. +167 is he pregnant with an ipad or something +167
Am I really the only person who sees this guy's posts and thin… +166 Psychology major here. I know so many people who go to my coll… +165
****** , ****** , ****** +164 Is... is.. admin really Kim Jong un? +163
we kept it warm for you +159 **bjornkrage rolled image ** admin 2017 +159
Picture +158 ill be waiting. . . +157
Picture +156 Picture +155
hfw +155 One +154

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