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I'll say it again, these kind of pranks are the best the ones … +683 I think that's a pretty good example of how fit a cop should b… +537
For those who keep commenting about the title, the show has a … +522 I prefer making children cry and giving them the tip. +489
its all cute and adorable until you realise your keyboard is c… +460 Thanks for all the likes guys! +453
**shadowpieman used "*roll picture*"** **shadowpieman rolle… +341 this app is ******* retarded +328
Thought the dog was going to die when it started running. +320 Picture +316
Pretty sure that is impossible for those calculators to graph … +284 Threw this together. I had a choice between this or alla… +266
Blinded ontop of a moving truck, playing a crazy guitar, that … +254 here lies ************ he was #2 +253
You'd be amazed at how few people are capable of even this. Be… +252 I can hear the ******* blown out music! +250
Press Button Go on FJ See tumblr anyway ??? PR… +238 **hubabalu used "*roll picture*"** **hubabalu rolled image… +237
**aguycalledlee used "*roll picture*"** **aguycalledlee rol… +236 I was expecting another dog... +234
[Ayy Lmao intensifies] +231 Dunno dude, looks like he already built it. +224
Dear Joshlol, I hope you get an RKO out of nowhere. … +220 You see those warriors from ISIS? They've got curved swords. C… +219
America, I'm going into battle and I need only your stronges… +215 I hate how the guy's life is ruined before anything is proven.… +214
Please... +207 Picture +200
I mean their motto IS to protect and serve . +198 Birds are great +197
Picture +188 i had no idea where it was going until he said it... more … +183
Ice. Cold. Like a delicious glass of calcium rich milk +178 >Cop's FW +176
**letrollzor used "*roll picture*"** **letrollzor rolled i… +176 > be a cop > secretly a pro break dancer > ge… +174
oooh +171 But now the jack of all trades one makes more sense with the f… +170
Uncle Phill knows what the **** he wants +167 how is this about femenism? im all for ******** on … +165
Never before saw a feminist get on her back that easily +160 That first one +159
tfw you will never see Hypno disc, Razor and Chaoz 2 team up a… +158 friend of mine did this, it was all fun and play until his ear… +155
He gave a bunch of kids the 5 dollar foot long... +154 More like Kung WOW that ass +154
Khajiit has debt if you have euros +152 I didn't know traditional meant disgusting! +147
it sounds pathetic but if I get 5, 10 even up to 100 or whatev… +143 I once knew someone who typed like that It was so ****… +142
Picture +142 Hitler: the videogame. +140
Picture +138 Christ Mad Max Fury Road is so good, I've seen it like 7+ times now +135
Picture +134 asking a black guy to kiss your ass and then scream ITSAPRANK … +133
getting paid to make children cry -living the dream +132 Later in the interview +131
Picture +126 He said they're selling nanomachines! +126
This is impressive until you realize it took 6 people to open … +126 Many great ships sail and many so great sink, but our little b… +126
Picture +125   +124
As someone who recently had two wisdom teeth pulled, this one … +123 Being a former gymnast I often found myself mesmerized by the … +121
Maybe because those dumb ***** doesn't have human intel… +120 A joke that cost me $1.98 +120
**frontdoorcarnage used "*roll picture*"** **frontdoorcarna… +118 Picture +118
Its all them forced hard syllables. also i love key … +118 Already ahead of you. +115
Picture +114 more like this pls +114
Picture +113 Picture +112
people have killed for less. just saying. "prans… +111 I just looked this up, the bank was in California and has sinc… +109
The screaming is what does it for me. +108 Picture +108

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