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thats it admin, i've been bulking for the past 2 years and now… +908 This horse **** is worse than Jet fuel and Steel … +608
She ******* killed someone. +597 Level 0 Comments Level 0 Content I signed up 2010 … +585
mom's fw +573 "this is how most parents are" Says the an… +512
shes missing out +468 Picture +446
As a black person, sometimes I wonder why I'm on FJ at this po… +431 pee on your dad. show him what it means to be hurt +384
In response to that title: Yes, I have +371 no we all understand weve all been there youre not… +342
This isn't your average everyday teen angst. This is.… +333 >Man sees a ripped guy >Damn I better go to the gym … +331
Sgt. Hugecock, you say? +302 Entire pages full of your precious daughter being stuffe… +294
my hardcore feminist roommate self-identifies as arabic, and g… +290 You should try getting a snail like this one then. They're loa… +288
We kek with ease at your foolish feuds. +277 Picture +274
at least her mother didnt **** a mudkip +266 **kalapallo used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kalapallo rolls 88** +265
99c +261 Picture +259
When her mom watches +255 Sounds like a good ****** time +248
Picture +247 i wonder how it taste fried +239
Enjoy. i spent like 10 minutes doing this what h… +238 "that demon got out" "we locked it up so ti… +237
he probably stole it, +233 Picture +227
Picture +225 does that dude, have another tiny dude in his ass +222
``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````… +221 Oui oui baguette hon hon hon surrender. +212
She deserves the death penalty. Too bad the cuck judge will pr… +205 "Sometimes after work I go to the park and feed the birds… +204
My dad put my dog up for adoption because he peed in the house… +193 Picture +191
I can just imagine how a Japanese samurai comedy would go. … +190 MFW reading this in Europe +189
Picture +187 The internet's fw +185
What if it was actually Mia Khalifa....and hot singles do liv… +184 Terrifying people +183
I mean really, for youtube, that could have been the first reply. +182 I usually just close my eyes and hope for the best. +180
"don't tell us how to dress" +179 Picture +177
The photoshop master is asian, and the people that submit thei… +175 I really love stop-motion movies +174
I lurk enough to get first +173 If she was 18 at the time, I don't see why she isn't being tri… +173
Picture +173 Picture +172
technically speaking , neither Australia nor Canada are actual… +172 Picture +171
Yes, name your child for your own selfish desires. I mean,… +171 Talk about trying to force a meme +170
seual offender, i think +170 Picture +162
Picture +162 My only contribution to this website was the creation of sever… +161
coraline's mom makes for a nice reaction image though +159 **kalapallo used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kalapallo rolls 74** +159
So they think he was living a cool double life +157 When yo side ho wanna take pictures wit chu +157
That is astoundingly the opposite. +157 Picture +157
im a woman and i feel ashamed and angered when i saw things li… +155 Picture +154
They'll be back +154 Picture +152
Any one else notice that Poland simultaneously views Germany … +151 Does this still count as me being first? +150
Picture +148 >want payback >suck off dog +147
I really don't understand how this became such a big deal it w… +144 Scotland: hey England, can I be free? England: No. S… +142

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