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CIS White Male +1606 Picture +878
mr skeltal +815 admin +636
wait until you get to know joshlol, i hate him because everyon… +622 Picture +602
he didn't give her the dick +588 extra site traffic +580
Picture +572 "She used to hump the mail man..." +566
admin's FW +558 The actual mod chat +523
Meh I'd rather they moved the story Elsewyr +476 I'm sorry, but I have to say something. I keep this inside… +452
That clever little cunt +446 joshlol Oh, sorry, i meant to type loser +442
**twistedrenegadetwo... rolls 44** +427 **Sperit rolled user admin ** +426
The fabric of time and space is woven entirely by music lessons +421 Is this Daggerfall? +420
Well then, i guess you should say good bye to these then … +413 This guy is like a pokemon all he says in his vines h… +384
Oh my ******* god, please ******* no… +370 **thomasman rolled comment #33 ** : The exact same … +353
> Implying the chat log is anywhere near that productive +343 I WANT IN +316
So apparently the thread has been removed because m00t got his… +314 **foamytesquirrel rolled user admin ** You are now Mother … +314
How's the lucky guy? +313 You just cought the worst STD's of them all. +308
Ohhh I don't know. Maybe because you are visiting an American … +306 Come for the content, stay for the comments. +303
North-Korean Citizen Let's go back to roots +303 That naked girl at the end +301
>184 >tall +298 Elder scrolls VI: Elsweyr sounds amazing actually +293
Picture +293 I don't like hairy girls but whatever floots your boot man. +267
Cleric's Face When he sees bard's 'injuries' +260 >"One time" +260
what do you mean - leave us alone and - not … +260 I like this guy. "Screw you, I'm gonna build my … +255
Airport Security in the 1900's +246 Best show +246
>I gathered all the experts on funnyjunk namely Jokexplain,… +245 Picture +242
Reminded me of this +239 You rack disciprine, Arnold +231
So we can do what we want below the knees then? +224 that's be pretty hot +222
******* damnit. Every goddamn time. +222 Kudos to him for bearing the load of his hard life +218
Picture +216 If you're gonna be a pussy to get pussy, You're still… +215
Dildo cannon +214 Kristen Stewart is so adorable Hope she moves on from the… +210
what she actually said +209 Wild Zubat +208
oh well, good thing that comment explained it +207 We aren't in the 40's +205
Whenever anyone asks me why I browse fj instead of Reddit or 4… +205 Complete the set by putting it in her daughter. +204
Picture +202 Picture +197
tfw fireworks-zoned. +191 >4chan, home of anon > **** content forc… +191
just chimpanzee noises +191 which one turns on the dashcam? +191
you got a 4chan step daddy +189 a boulder +187
Change "anon" to "anomalous" Chan… +185 Nobody wants console pokemon, what purpose would that even serve? +184
Picture +178 Confederacy of Independent Systems. +173
Ebola victim im going to bed +172 Very well done for someone new to photoshop. I give it 7/10 +172
Picture +169 That's a nice boulder.JPG +167
"So we're robbing this house or what?" +166 Congratulations, maybe MTV will approach you now.. +162

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