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True story, about 6 years ago my best friend robbed McDonalds.… +712 She can see into your minds, but she can't read them. +600
If it makes 180º turns +550 this is kind of sad..... +539
Picture +534 It's like a mirror +463
TWF no gf +446 That's why they are called cinematic trailers, and not gamepla… +439
No, he wanted to use her handsoap can't you ******* read. +429 >Knock knock Who's there >It's the police m'am y… +395
if you're an attractive man, and you find a woman attractive, … +357 Picture +355
This is probably the firmest erection i ever had in my entire life. +338 Picture +338
Wake up america +311 I was gonna try and make a joke for this, but I just fee… +304
when you in the middle of war but think of a fire ass tweet +298 **cocosmama used "*roll picture*"** **cocosmama rolled ima… +297
>Implying steve buscemi is ugly +291 Neither is the ******* FJ comment section or FJ Tha… +284
It's a little funny actually. Hitler never said anything nearl… +274 Don't go to the movies as a first date. First dates are meant … +249
Seems fair enough +235 MFW someone talks **** about SN +233
When you're in the middle of a war but you remember your tamag… +230 schicklgruber did nothing wrong. +229
When you click "see more" +227 Jews did the holocaust +217
Picture +212 sooooooo.... WII U? +208
Picture +202 live action +201
omg i'm embarassed to go to the gym. take some selfies with me… +196 Picture +196
Picture +195 those ******* stockings. +193
Don't compare the fuhrer to those feminists. At least Hitler h… +191 When you in the middle of war but you forgot to delete your br… +189
Kids fw +188 When you in the middle of a war and aw **** you in the … +184
inb4 exclusive reload animation micro transactions +184 And push it somewhere else? +183
Picture +181 Isn't it Steve Buscemi? +174
The desert eagle one is so much better with sound. +174 **sirstupidpanda used "*roll picture*"** **sirstupidpanda r… +173
***************************** .gif +171 Bitches be crazy. +170
How about we take Bikini Bottom +170 Oh boy, spreading lies about the Führer again, that's a paddl… +167
bitch is painting a masterpiece +164 Wake up sheeple. +155
Gameplay>Graphics Having played the Halo 5 multipl… +154 Well ya know, if you actually look at admin's stickies. Th… +152
I think ponies look **** you collossal buttraping cockm… +151 Supernatural has kinda gone the way of the Xfiles. First few … +150
Picture +148 **************** . +144
hfw getting desert +142 Picture +141
Picture +141 Ponies. Bold text. Bad spelling. Pretending to agree with SJW.… +140
Nice browsing history +138 I dont see the connection +138
So do you have any regrets? "Garfield," maybe." +137 As long as all walls are connected - ie no island chunks of wa… +135
[Porn music intensifies] +135 That last one +134
I bring sauce. +133 Feminists exist because they would rather play a victim than t… +133
you know the answer already. +131 **davidavidson used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **davidavidson rolls… +130
i wonder who has **** loads of money great cre… +130 Picture +130
This one is really good, and not slutty at all +129 It's okay, if you're still hankerin' for some pinecest, I got … +128
I wanna know when the **** Prince William started hangi… +125 Of course Adolf Hitler would suffer from serious gas. +125
I call ******** . Assuming she never slept that would be… +120 at least he didn't grow up to be a cunt like you man +120

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