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**recreater used "*roll picture*"** **recreater rolled ima… +4520 **pinethrush used "*roll picture*"** **pinethrush rolled i… +1601
I'm a smoker. I work construction so its not a big deal, I hav… +595 **hadrian used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **hadrian rolls 88** Usi… +593
Picture +578 **hadrian used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **hadrian rolls 55** +540
Jesus Christ, my friend always told he he was afraid of swimmi… +523 (maybe it's natural) maybe its mayBELLIAAAAAAAAAA... +507
egoraptor is that you? +504 Our Version +503
And then even though the old men were the real heroes, the bui… +479 THESE ARE JUST THE CHILDREN??? +379
**yordles used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **yordles rolls 76** … +376 that's some bloodborne **** right there +343
**shadowpieman used "*roll picture*"** **shadowpieman rolle… +324 The best part about these things (bigfin squid, or Magnapinna … +313
thank +312 ok ya i ****** up, misread the comment. thought gotbann… +309
**potion used "*roll picture*"** **potion rolled image ** +297 a fine piece of ass is still a fine piece of ass +294
/tv/'s darkest time +273 Non-smokers get that time back at the end of their lives as ex… +267
i hope that child sees this when theyre older, then when theyr… +266 All that mess +265
It's still an orchestra +250 The issue I have with this Kind of music (Coming from someone … +243
>predator rips kevin in half >there are now two kevi… +234 its all cute and adorable until you realise your keyboard is c… +228
Picture +207 Actually when you think about it, its not ironic. Is business … +206
'He can murder my ass any day' +204 Thanks for all the likes guys! +201
Related +195 He's got top notch survival skills +193
We just got a new pup. Turns out he ***** and pukes all… +188 Picture +183
Based solely on the fact that the Scientologists are a bunch o… +183 Picture +182
The planets have ******* aligned for you. Go and buy a … +182 What the actual **** .... +181
I wish we could burn the deep sea +180 Picture +180
Picture +178 oh **** like half the porn artists i follow only uplo… +178
Picture +177 In all my days of lurking, this is one of the best things I've… +176
no he wasnt walt, you lying sack of **** +175 Ey B0ss! +174
"You gay as hell" Says the dude wearing womans u… +174 Excuse me? +173
are you ******* kidding me +173 wow the reporting of tax evasion for a reward really worked wi… +170
**orangebudd used "*roll picture*"** **orangebudd rolled i… +169 The upside is the crowd wasn't doing a bad job of it +161
******** . in my experience women don't have hearts +158 I can only imagine how painful, and damaging that would be for… +158
Brazilian folk here. I loved this. I ******* loved this… +154 I think that's a pretty good example of how fit a cop should b… +153
666. +151 I don't whats scarier, the creature or the fate of who calibra… +149
HOW.THE. **** . Jesus H Christ Almighty. That ro… +148 Picture +148
You probably have other issues if you're trying to have sex wi… +145 Seeing how good it was taken, I will make the second comp, thu… +144
here lies ************ he was #2 +143 All hail the roll god. I really hope Admin sees this. +138
this app is ******* retarded +138 But what if you're balls deep into it? +138
Nah, but Ty Lee tho. urrrrrgh +137 Picture +134
**thedarkelmo used "*roll picture*"** **thedarkelmo rolled … +134 if there is anyone who can pull off a bowler hat, it's these t… +134
Picture +133 Picture +132
I don't see why anyone would blame the original Jurassic Park … +131 > recreater right now +131
>implying tumblr doesn't have good porn artists. +131 Picture +130
im not scared of water im scared of the bonkers crap that … +130 Picture +129

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