I MAILED YOU A BOMB! THE F-BOMB! HAHAHAHHA … +702 i laughed +604
Picture +594 a billionaire retard +580
He didn't say 'no homo' What a faggot +534 He found his dad? +514
Pickers of Cotton. +465 18 female in your neighborhood wants to ***… +434
Making my way downtown, walking fast. +396 How do you expect us to play pit preacher bingo if we can't se… +357
10/10 would give a sock +346 Picture +345
Well, that's the dream, isn't it? +345 Professor trying to grade 200 exams in a single night. +339
That's just what an under-cover Black Science Man Alien would say. +321 Picture +309
thats some fast thinking, i applaud thee +300 vaccination is pretty saving children lives, and it should be … +298
Who even cares about this **** ? +294 Don't forget to include my finger +285
No, he is suceeding to be funny +283 Did you have your hand in a blender while you were typing that +274
Internet dank meme specialist with traditional screen. +272 Oh god.. imagine slipping in the shower.. +266
The way funnyjunk sees it +265 furst +264
Anon broke the bro code. gratz to him for passing the ultimate… +262 Only a woman is paranoid enough to call his other friends when… +258
How dumb can you be, don't stand on the ****** road +256 You bastard Thought you could sneak it in there +238
We must go deeper. +235 my mom used to tell me that if i touched her cigars she would … +227
Drake's kind of porn. +225 God, I love the users on here. Special thanks to postingloudly… +219
but i like chocalate covered raisins +217 I can't Understand Your Accent +214
wow, much answer, very done +202 holy **** its sir Topham Hatt!!!! +199
I love this man +194 my dongers +193
Simple solution. Get an erection and run at a wall. see if you… +192 Myself at grad. Be gentle. +191
Picture +190 Look at me, I'm ALL the captions now. +189
When you accidentally say ****** out loud next to… +189 **vocalvocarooguy used "*roll picture*"** **vocalvocarooguy… +189
Must be a forest down there +188 This lovely chap. +187
no you can't use my shower +185 What actually happened +185
The ******* eyes moving got me. +180 Bottomkek +177
when you said "rigged" did you mean put a projector … +177 This man has beaten TF2 +173
Thought of by a tumblr user*1 "rtrixie" and coined b… +172 Picture +171
It's because Frodo was a selfish ************ . +170 Heaven required Flash player +167
That is if you watch the American version. The Uk version is a… +167 Someone bout to lose some friends +161
Picture +159 Programming while mastrubating +158
Basic Statistics: Age: not comfortable with Nationali… +158 I did this before dude with another dude's content No one … +157
do it for mr skeltal +156 That's right Jens, that were it +156
Picture +156 Picture +155
"everyone" +155 Picture +154
Picture +152 Picture +151
Shut +150 Every one does it to some degree. +148
Reminds me of this one. A jewish man and a black woma… +143 Picture +142
Well once he became white it couldn't have been that hard +140 Picture +138
You must not have much of an imagination. +138 Nuns with guns? The NRA just came in there collective pants +135

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