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Picture +900 I doubt most of funnyjunk has a memory associated with such a … +682
I swear no other website is run by someone as cool as you. +578 Picture +550
Can you do Shrek is love next? +510 you should check his browsing history +366
stop slut shaming +356 "first successful" +322
Man that's gotta be at least ten dollars +309 ... +289
Ewwww. Why would he **** a feminist? +287 Picture +286
She had me at "anally penetrated." +279 I've did this for a while, and used to pick out stuff I learne… +274
Huh, I don't think I've every seen this gif without the girl t… +260 Don't forget the lies we tell ourselves +252
Picture +250 < me flirting +244
I can only imagine. +243 Russian military vehicles are always designed for multipurpose… +235
I wish my mom was this cool. +235 This gets my beastiality senses going +222
How the **** can fascist regimes exist today? … +219 Picture +218
Recursion 100% +203 furs +197
Picture +196 You guys sure love to beat a dead horse with this brony stuff. +194
poor? +191 It's also a fight between a wizard and a hooligan WEST HAM +190
Picture +187 Why are you doing this....? +185
Picture +181 <me flirting +171
Picture +169 infinite energy +165
that's exactly what is suppose to happen +165 When in reality +164
I wish i could even jump that high +164 **LordFapsalot used "*roll picture*"** **LordFapsalot rolle… +164
Picture +155 **grogovic used "*roll cah answer*"** **grogovic rolls Chil… +150
The **** I put up with +146 Noice. +145
WHAT HAS HE DONE +143 Oh boy, I sure love reading lyrics in a comic, rather than jus… +143
we'd get those bastards...except that there is no oil. +143 Well, think about it. An elastic woman is one of the few women… +139
you're ******* retarded. +135 she know +129
He got snipped +128 And let's see if that hobbit's got a chance. +127
immortality sure it would get boring but watching the world tu… +127 That first frame is pretty sweet. +127
I tried +126 **** you, Miguel. WebM unrelated. +122
Do you ever feel...like a plastic bag? +120 Careful, don't upset the bronies. You will be down thumbed to … +120
Picture +117 ya'll know you'd want it +115
nobody posted this yet? +114 No one man should have all that edge. +113
Sounds an aweful lot like WT Snacks... +113 immortality - youll outlive earth, and end up in space unable … +112
if this comment gets enough thumbs up i will +112 people lie a lot on the internet if you havent noticed yet +111
Holy **** ! I know you guys won't believe me and I… +111 An average game of worms comes to mind. +110
Picture +109 Picture +107
Not involving two humans +106 the soda can handle what? +105
mfw I'm the only one not rolling +105 I leave you dickheads alone for one minute. +104
Admin are you related to Cr1tikal? +103 Next Week: "North Korea hacks the North Pole, finds o… +102
Only related Russian thing i have +100 I love you +99

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