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It took me way too long +1229 wow, do you realize how many little children this is going to … +717
I bet this faggot only eats three dozen eggs +616 Ayy lmao +521
Picture +498 Yeah, his real name was Taka, meaning trash +482
Picture +449 Picture +428
That's really, really, nice +424 nightmare fuel right there m8 +381
"These are kinda boring, I mean they don't really have an… +364 Picture +346
Picture +344 mfw im a laptop gamer who can't afford to run any game smoothe… +337
I'm fairly ******* certain at age 20 I have already eat… +337 Hello Darkness my old friend +337
I don't normally like republicans but literally anyone they fi… +336 **lotengo used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **lotengo rolls 33** … +331
It was australia. It was lethal +329 damn +318
DIRTY BROWN VAGINAS +314 Because every person should have the right to flip people off. +309
I would date someone as ugly as me, the problem is nobody is a… +303 Worlds most painful titty-twister +302
that is true but i still don't need a graphic description ever… +299 Krepo being the good guy who knows what to bring to classes +295
"H-haha, another great joke uncle. N-no no, that didn't h… +278 Picture +278
When one of them says, no. +278 Picture +269
What about penises entering skulls? +265 The Joker would have absolutely loved that. +254
"Wang Dong" "Massive" +250 Where is woman Have you checked her appartment No … +249
Picture +247 Rape Check List [X] Find Target [X] Run her down [… +246
Ice ******* cold. +245 Don't do this to me OP +245
**lotengo used "*roll 1, 0… +236 hehe yeah **** you aquaman +234
It's obviously translated. Allah is a literal traslation f… +233 From what I have learned from this site, this is the single gr… +230
The cartridge was probably trashed so they just put the circui… +216 You obviously don't have retarded liberal family that posts on… +213
Picture +213 Picture +208
it means she's a special snowflake +206 Bill Gates : Let me run a background check first. +195
8001 dicks lets just say a whole night is 12 hours, … +192 this guy is in for one heck of a surprise when he finds out ab… +191
Here you go, **** : +189 Picture +188
**** +186 Picture +182
Picture +182 That kid is probably dead now +178
cops man he just said that +176 At first i thought it was a tumblr tier "Rape is okay wh… +176
Obligatory +171 2400 chickens? I can knock that **** out in 6 months. +171
Kek +169 Why mock someone who is trying? For what ever reason, maybe be… +165
Picture +164 Maybe this'll help +163
DAMN MAN +162 Picture +162
Sorry, you wanted that in burgers and fries? +160 >Gaston >Villain How the **** is Gas… +159
well we're talking about an animated piece of pizza with chees… +158 Is... That Blaine from rooster teeth? +158
I have a theoretical PhD in Physics. +156 Picture +154
what? everything about your comment is grade A retarded +154 lol +154
Oh man here we go +153 >thats not > **** +151
lol +150 as if a game need to be done to be on steam.. +150
Only the tread thing that contacted the mine is damaged so it … +149 "All is lost" +149

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