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100 calories of beef: 48g 100 calories of broccoli: 327g … +881 **somedayquads used "*roll 1, 0-9999*"** **somedayquads rol… +609
the "Cheeki Breeki" starter pack +577 Because of my recent education, I can now correctly identify t… +565
Picture +544 Now we can all send her dank memes and dick pics. +505
"Will it be about food?" >No, it will be abou… +497 All jokes aside, am I the only one who has to watch things sta… +491
great funny guy +382 Just gotta ask your mom +375
mix tape game was weak +355 but did she mad? +340
"Where did we go wrong?" +338 That's what you get for having another god damn weed profile pic. +330
How I imagine shaq has sexy time with his lady. +324 Weird Al Shreds +315
**toastiewaffles used "*roll picture*"** **toastiewaffles r… +313 1. Season 2 Episode 20 "Bowling" 2. Season 2 Epi… +308
Gif semi related. +299 Your name has a small blue tint. You should know how thing… +299
Your on the side of the criminal domestic abuser, bugler, and … +275 Depends on the level of the cleric in question. I think Bless … +262
HFW he plays CoD. +248 Seriously though this is Harrison Bergeron levels of dystopian… +246
Everyone knows you can't cast bless on salty water. 0/10 w… +245 Picture +236
He Rolls 20. +233 Picture +233
blacks kill more blacks than the Klan +232 To be fair, there were probably hundreds of people with PhDs g… +231
If countries were people, Japan would have been someone who go… +225 Fixed +223
I hate it when there is 5 minutes of the guy asking the chick … +223 Unless youre muslim +222
Must be pretty damn rich to be able to not regret spending $90… +214 **fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 66** +213
anime starter pack +213 YFW the first result ends up being a piss fetish. … +199
It's a 1000$ bird warmer, or course it's going to have some ex… +197 and im just sitting here in america with my overly expensive e… +191
all feminazi's argument in a whole +190 MFW I'm an Oregon resident and totally agree with this. We are… +189
flash was making a point to supes that you cant just take away… +189 to feel beautiful +188
Picture +188 ask didnt you use to be a boy +186
They were only **** because EA kept meddling in t… +184 ******* plebs +183
Log in and say that like a man +177 When you send your mixtape to Harvard... +176
Picture +176 Picture +175
Nick Cage in women form. I am diamond hard right now. +170 >use this in your next one +170
I remember a time I was watching something, and I sk… +167 Knowing me, I'd never come out. Decades later, people will be … +167
But.... but MY name is Robert. +166 jump in the waterfall and swim up it +161
Better ? +160 Did you know that Austraila Mexico and the US are the fattest … +159
Ah, yes, a doughbag. +159 Picture +159
Keep going? +157 I said alive cows. +154
Picture +152 no really, he must have been close to death anyway, 19 hou… +151
Who the hell would want to eat three hundred grams of broccoli… +148 *Seat offering intesifies* +147
Here's a screenshot from her Facebook. Pretty funny she made … +147 Since when are gram and calories the same thing? ******… +147
tell her to eat all the godddamn eggs. +146 **** you. Some people go to college when theyre d… +144
im not racist, but my dick sure is +142 just listen folks. +142
good god, can you imagine how awkward it would be to ask Kanye… +142 I realize not everyone has common sense, but how ******… +140
Dude, you've been *********** for so long your na… +139 this is probably the most normal comic i've seen from this guy +139
**whitegamedeveloper...... used "*roll picture*"** **whiteg… +139 Give her 20 years. +137

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