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I'm....Actually taken aback by how accurate this is +928 I thought it was going to be a dick. +803
She's sitting on a valve +647 **loonyticthethird used "*roll picture*"** **loonyticthethi… +605
Dat ragecomic hair. +591 Picture +553
Jew hands? They get ******* 25% Valve is the jew +540 Picture +520
the Swedish showed us how policing is supposed to be done. … +517 he's a golden deceiver +455
fefe +438 How much does this mod cost? +387
Ellsworth Kelly (American, born Newburgh, New York, 1923… +359 not disabling addblock for nexus? that's not cool +354
How would you know? are you the other person? +340 Iron Oxide +330
Picture +321 This Flat Top +305
Huh, seems familiar +302 my friend has a pitbull mix it saw me, ran over to me… +298
And a classic one: -Half a water melon -Half a water m… +291 but im using incognito +288
This happened to me yesterday: I'm a college student,… +278 Picture +278
>2015 >not spending 99.99 on horse pussy ***… +263 Do I think modders should be paid for their work? Yes. … +262
Wow, $20? That's almost enough to buy half a mod pack for skyrim! +261 Picture +260
the asian teacher's way to treat ADHD students +257 DLC is free but the servers arent +254
I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready... for me money! +253 >Jack >Key >Chain +251
Picture +242 Picture +238
Here is the perspective. We get other people to make … +230 the cat just keeps strangling the dog tho, ice cold +227
Doesn't she sound... somewhat reasonable with that statement? +223 "you've seen this before?" "eleven times in… +219
This is what separates the ******* from the black people. +219 what if this happens +212
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD... +210 If the internet has taught me anything, it's that movies do no… +208
Wow! So progressive! +203 GoTG content is an automatic thumbs up from me +202
cute asian girl sword chopchop bamboo fall yayyy … +202 Me too, he's right here! +201
Y'all need to sign this. OP, do us all a favor and s… +200 Found this gem +196
Picture +195 Picture +189
I loved the chemistry between thee two. It made it seem like t… +188 Picture +188
Damn dude, you got farfegnugen'd pretty bad +187 I've been waiting +182
I'm turning 24 and I still love kid's shows. As the ancien… +181 I like cold play. I thought people liked cold play. … +180
"Glarg" +178 UK media has it. She's already been arrested for anot… +175
I would have literally ripped myself apart +168 I can just imagine these ******* ******* modders… +167
WHAT THE **** DO YOU GUYS WANT?! +167 Picture +164
Grandma knows best. +161 Behind the ears? I got you buddy +159
Lets hope you don't get in trouble for de-facing government pr… +155 Pepe +152
For my fellow slow readers viewing pleasure. +151 "Are you sure you should be poking at it like that?"… +150
Picture +148 >TFW when you realize you aren't a Liberal anymore +148
Not surprisingly, this is the same guy. +148 >Named Beth >Sitting on a valve >Asking for m… +147
fork knife cereal +144 I really hope that this story is fake +144
MFW +143 and when they discovered their baby was tingle the very first … +143
"4 out of 5 people enjoy gang rape" +139 Dispite the fact that Sacagawea is on a ******* coin +136
Alligator's fw never got to meet Steve Irwin. +134 Normie +130

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