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Tony Stark dies in the next season of Game of Thrones +693 I can't hear you! +489
If Pluto is too small to be a planet, I say midgets are too sm… +444 For those who don't know but don't feel like using google; the… +357
Say what you want about wrestling and it being fake, John Cena… +331 fag +328
Dwayne "The Wok" Johnson +300 knowing that your grandparents were hot as **** ... +280
**reginleif rolled image ** I dunno these people look prett… +276 that´s actually pretty clever I must say +265
..because spaniards are white? +259 Picture +257
Picture +248 I understood that title reference. +247
For hell's sake, stop denying scientific progress. These are t… +232 Picture +230
Sounds like someone hasn't had many female friends. +220 Picture +209
I'll make a new solar system with black jack and ******… +204 "maybe the heaviest things we lift aren't our weights, bu… +202
here goes nothing +200 i dont think this quote is real, but if it was i think he woul… +198
Picture +197 Picture +193
Have a free gif +190 Picture +189
It's because he made himself more than just a man. He devoted … +187 what happened +186
If there is one thing Disney movies are known for it's histori… +184 Picture +181
Picture +179 Picture +178
Plot Twist: It's the same man. +173 Credit where it's due, this chick is sly. +173
the earth is flat. just because some scientists claim its … +169 Filthy Casual. +169
Purchase weapon for [500] +168 Picture +160
this movie was ******* amazing. … +159 Picture +159
>Phone rings >Answer >Friend is on game show … +159 I can always guess how many jellybeans are in a jelly bean jar… +157
Had to be done +156 Picture +156
By not playing with it. +154 I can't wait for the "best personality" contest +152
Oh what's that? You want my money? Well too ******* … +151 I thought I lived in California, just found out it's really Mexico. +151
Picture +149 well, she might just not be having any better picture of her d… +149
Are you upset because you didn't win? +149 hehe +149
gay +147 David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK. Regarded as a fairly … +145
...and a whole lotta ******* good that did. +141 Picture +141
Picture +139 No jokexplain, only Decode Here you go buddy … +138
**slightlyillegal rolled image ** Come on... just the tip. +138 Picture +137
Picture +135 I am clever and original. +133
speaking of ****** threads +133 Picture +131
Picture +131 Picture +130
Um............yeah......I guess. +130 Batman actually keeps kryptonite with him at all times. +130
Picture +128 Picture +125
Well you sure are living up to your name. +121 Picture +121
Wasted +121 **** the police +121
>climbs over something in its way >"say they ar… +116 Bitch looks like she's got one tooth <-… +116
Then Orton comes running in. +115 Oh boy is it oxygenated in this spaceship *opens window* +115
While I neither agree, nor disagree with you, you must admit h… +114 #I can't #Understand #You #Accent +113

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