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Hasn't she heard how oppressed women are here? Once s… +994 THIS is what feminists should be fighting for instead of cryin… +727
Consent under duress is not consent. +641 Of course he can read your mind, he's Asian. +598
Christian here. Can we all just agree to not ********* … +421 Admin, what do you have to say for yourself? +396
Everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure you have too. +355 Whelp, it did. So, suck it. +339
So abstinence than. +322 >be me >be thanksgiving >get out of bed &… +320
Maybe is she didn't use so much makeup her skin wouldn't be so… +316 Picture +284
ur mom +278 I used to, but it got me fired. +270
How do you think Dumbledore knew where the kids were? Magic? +248 All jokes about history aside, today we learn about the holoca… +245
**senglish rolls 999,380,428** +240 No oil there. +237
Oy Vey +229 He hates hindus. < gif half related +228
Picture +215 ITT: People complaining about ************ while … +213
Picture +209 I totally get this, haha i have sex so often … +207
Fixed +203 ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻ +192
Who the **** makes these? +191 CAPITAL LETTERS YOU SAY? +189
Picture +189 Just Khajiit Things +189
**jizzeverywhere rolls 22** +187 Imb4 faggots saying she is more beautiful without the makeup. +184
A black guy a rabbi and a priest are on a plane. The plane mal… +176 The driver's just like "holy **** APPREC… +174
There are just far to many of these "theme trolls" g… +170 Picture +167
You wanna know how I got these scars? +165 safest way of preventing sex? fe… +163
I'm enjoying the game so far! +162 I bet the father is adopted +161
Don't stop. Be proud of your self Groping. +161 Ekans, water you doing +159
That last one. +159 Picture +158
I'm probably going to get hell for this, but it needs to… +156 "Sir, this is a math class. And we're 12" +155
Picture +153 Picture +151
Im thankful for FJ, so i can get away from IRL jerks and get h… +151 Picture +151
My elementary school was shut down because the principle was c… +148 TWIN DRAGONS RETRIEVE MARBLES! CRANE CUTS SNAKE KING! +146
Picture +145 i'm enjoying it so far +145
you got the worst part of being a female in the worst place to… +141 Picture +140
paradox my ass. It's just reverse axe +139 Picture +139
Well, me and my wife are stuck eating hospital food because of… +138 Oh god that review makes me want to vomit "Animal Cr… +135
Picture +135 Picture +135
Picture +132 **royrogersmcfreely rolled image ** black guys fw +130
Picture +130 Picture +128
only the plastic was made in the usa +126 Picture +125
And then a dickbag sets the forest on fire. +124 That is the first picture of Stevie Wonder's eyes I have ever seen. +123
Picture +123 **rakogoki rolled comment #10116207 ** : READ ****… +122
Picture +122 Picture +122
Picture +120 Picture +120
Picture +120 ir8 this b8 a 1/8. sorry m8, no h8, just not that gr8, go bak … +120
Picture +119 Next Generation Female AI. More realistic than ever! +119

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