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Picture +912 We would land on the barren, lifeless soil, and plant our flag… +756
Those feminist are just jealous because nobody ever tried to u… +600 No other animals on the planet figured out how to go to space … +554
As a white cis male, I am far too privileged to get married, I… +525 No, it means Fuhrer Heil Reich Invade The Poland +491
"I had taken the words out of his mouth and filled it wit… +474 That everyone got inspected on penis inspection day. +447
I made one for us spent way too much time … +440 You need to learn cursive! +375
Is that the only reaction image you have? +355 "Funnyjunk friendly board has the funniest originalo meme… +338
my dad died yesterday what? i said my dad died yest… +330 then your parents are terrible people +323
Picture +312 >be me >playing skyrim >hundreds of mods for … +307
Hitler was a bad man +307 I don't think you understood the message. There is plenty to r… +304
And then theres this woman who gets PTSD from twitter +297 Someone tried that once but people were all holocaust this and… +293
Merica every damn day +291 Picture +289
"You won't be able to do this assignment the night before… +284 That makes me want a bird +278
What the **** are you talking about? America … +278 don't support condom sales! it's just a way for men to rape yo… +273
#PussyGameIsRidicul... +271 I wonder why they stopped at rule 33... +265
Nelson laughing +265 They like their skin. +258
Man cheats = horrible person, deserves to be beaten. … +249 >Offer compliment >Receive insult such is l… +241
kid's fw +240 Baby wipes are one of the best portable ways to keep relativel… +239
**anonymous rolled image ** MFW I'm the favorite child +238 DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MANY INNOCENT COWS GET RAPED EVERY YEAR?!… +228
I got attacked by a pack of pit bulls when i was six. develope… +224 No need to read it if he lives it. +222
You will be successful so long as you go to college. +216 German's FW the last one +215
Don't misappropriate our culture, cis scum +210 Picture +205
Fun fact with multiplying six against even numbers, the answer… +198 The last panel for those that can't see it +197
That my education would get me somewhere +197 The moon belongs to France now... +195
Picture +193 Picture +190
Drake the kind of ***** to fart in the toilet and… +190 Thank god they didn't choose Megan Fox, the movie was perfectl… +188
Soo hooot +183 Its a two man job. They are moving a dresser of some sort upst… +182
Picture +181 Picture +176
Picture +176 hfw +176
Thank you Based Tyrone.... but I did not understand a word you said. +175 wrong rover noob +169
looks like the symbiote is trying to take control over him +169 What if theres two or more people walking in front... +168
You can be whatever you want to be. +168 i forgot how good malcolm in the middle was youre not… +168
Picture +168 that ""Oh **** " face +166
France in the winter +155 I assume you're just going with the general bandwagon of prete… +155
That i had potential +155 but seriously what a bitch +153
I really miss Breaking Bad, was a good show. +153 i'm 20 but damn some of the girls out there.. +152
Picture +151 and both Hitler and Einstein are dead. +151
And the media demonizes right-wingers........ +147 I understood that title you sick **** . … +147
What a time to be alive +146 i can go offline now...i'm not going to find anything funnier... +145
Dammit i thought it was gonna be a furry porno from the thumbnail... +143 Actually /pol/ confirmed yesterday that this blog was made by … +141
I like this guy. This is a good guy. +141 found a use for this fast +140

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