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atheists don't always announce it, i mean i'm an atheist and i… +403 **deffy used "*roll cah answer*"** **deffy rolls Futanari.** +367
**arikel used "*roll faggots*"** **arikel rolls Phanact** +341 1. Buy an actual computer 2. Follow guide above +330
He may be just a spoiled trust fund baby who failed at getting… +290 It's actually because early Christians wanted to celebrate his… +287
Because the rest aren't primed yet. +276 clearly he did nuthin rong and the cop was racist. … +272
Picture +259 Picture +258
On her dad's fist. +238 HERE IS IT FOR FREE NO ADS NO ******** : … +235
wel well well... +232 Battlefield players start stabbing their teammates in the face… +228
Picture +223 Basically he washed out of SEAL school and won a cunt ton of m… +221
yes that is what happened +216 Wow, donating money to charity out of spite ? This guy's a monster. +210
Picture +203 The pictures are funny enough, OP. Those descriptions are … +202
shut up nerd +197 >take picture of grills with their consent and upload it … +192
WHAT'RE YOU TRYING TO DO?! SUMMON THE ABOMINATION?!?! +183 don't throw away your rights, bro +182
Here. +181 Picture +173
Picture +173 Picture +169
Fixed... +166 Picture +165
Picture +164 Jimbles notronbo does not need romance, has science. +159
So, because a spoiled trust-fund baby who is, in-fact, an enor… +158 what year is it +158
**jagoz used "*roll cah question*"** **jagoz rolls Maybe sh… +156 Picture +156
Made this a while ago +155 but why are middle people mad in the last panel did t… +151
yOU A SK H IM NIC ELY +151 Well I did my part Blaze it feggt +150
Picture +148 **gaygayerson used "*roll cah answer*"** **gaygayerson roll… +147
"I wish the item arrives safely in you" BET… +145 Picture +136
Picture +134 holy hell no wonder people call us misogynists and can't take … +134
Picture +133 Picture +127
All the employee social security numbers being released was ju… +125 Picture +125
...so you can make a bigger mess while fapping? wtf? +125 have the original. +125
I would **** her up the butt, since 15 is perfect… +123 Picture +122
Picture +122 Boone has always been such a cheery fellow. +121
Picture +119 Guys, my gif might be broken +117
I dunno man, I'm kinda looking forward to the sequel +117 don't forget the tattoo sleeves +117
Could be useful +117 I guess you could say he.... Crashed and burned ... +117
Well this happened just about a week ago >Planning a ch… +116 That line was unscripted and completely improvised. +116
apparently he pulled a gun on a cop and got a chest full of le… +114 If I could call admin a newfag I would be s… +114
1. chop off dick. 2. if illegitimate kids come by saying t… +114 **arikel used "*roll cah question*"** **arikel rolls The vo… +113
8 seasons? Really? I didn't even know the show was that old. … +113 Oh look another anime cartoon themed *********** … +112
all the white people were probably too scared to tell them to … +111 amen +110
GTA IV confirmed +109 this is what i read on christmas what has my life come to. +109
Here it is for free then +109 That's not true at all... They have video of him pointing the … +107
Cookie clicker has prepared me. +106 think again +104
Picture +103 Picture +103

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