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If he keeps this up he's going to have to find total strangers… +1001 **** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAKE … +880
The face of a man who knows all is lost. +447 Picture +428
One that hasn't been solved for 30 years. Also it was a math p… +366 This guy should take it to the computer repair place and see w… +356
"Dear Emergency Dispacher, deez nuts" +351 You think that's weird? A two seater plane crashed into a ce… +347
Picture +341 He... he brings her back, right? Right? +318
*the sound of thousands of pedophiles fervently taking notes* +313 he knows how a vagina feels +296
They told their friend to lie down on the floor. You won't bel… +291 Yes. +284
in other words "here's a popular opinion that's on front … +283 "You won't believe what this young actress did in this ph… +280
New ******* memes have arrived boys +278 Picture +267
>> #22 >> #27 >> #29 >> #33 >&g… +264 Its cause she's an elf!! +257
also we: 1. Won WW1 by ourselves 2. Abolished cap… +255 Dude show the truck, that is just a tree man. +253
Picture +252 haha ***** even took the chance to plug his ***… +251
We like road trips. It's a thing here, especially in more spre… +247 Grey Jedi are the best Jedi +242
When he hit the ground the first thing he thought of was his f… +233 BECAUSE PUPPIES, FUK U +232
It can't be. There's nor-way. +229 I don't get why tumblr thinks that australia is bigger than th… +228
Good for him. Hes a credit to society. He should be proud of h… +228 Picture +221
Picture +218 later that night +216
[australia intensified] +214 I was thinking non existent +210
Picture +209 They're like 12 years old, you sick **** +207
We all know what it's going to be spent on... +206 not Keanu though he is truly immortal +203
Lots of people take showers you know. +203 That 6 year old screaming "Silent you peasant" is go… +202
that video made me really uncomfortable.... jeez. +200 Facebok +198
>Human suddenly says woof +197 It's the squids +191
This story didnt unfold as i expected it to unfold +189 I'm not entirely sure what compelled me to make this.. +189
A filthy double agent. Licking the boots of his filth… +189 If anyone didn't get the joke, Kadabra evolves into Alakazam w… +187
And if you give him your credit card info he will tell you how… +184 Picture +183
Oops missed one +177 I am ashamed of this story... >be little kid >ba… +174
I'd consider myself a true-blue 'murrican. I live in Mississip… +174 Picture +172
Picture +166 here's one for your next comp I actually found this … +166
Reminds me of this little cheeky cunt +163 You did a comp of cosplays without favoring females OR being o… +159
Bonzi Buddy was the best +157 Assuming you're dicking about, but "torch" is also t… +153
These guys looks like in the intro of some 80/90's cartoon … +151 Nahh the name is OK, customization and playstyle those are a r… +150
Picture +150 That dude just stole that mother's kid with consent +148
"it" +147 I think Hitler killed Hitler +146
probably should have never downloaded the quran onto it +146 Call me FedEx because I deliver ************ +145
Picture +145 ***** what +145
Oh ffs at least link the imgur content +144 And on that day he received the best BJ of his life. ( ° ͜… +142
Or they could just be like "Cool magic trick." A… +139 oh god i'm sitting alone, laughing like a retarded seal and cr… +139
this could be the most ingenious way to kidnap someone. +139 Bull **** there is no sun in Scotland +139
At least one of those things will never be used. +139 Well being a gay man should make you pretty resilient to butthurt +138

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