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legend says that man still doesnt know what to do with the cap +632 Are you by any chance a Dwarf? Because they are known for fine… +611
No man she my waifu +452 You blow up and die? +445
Picture +440 I can maybe melt a 1.5 inch steel beam. My forge runs on coke,… +439
Picture +423 Picture +383
You ******* idiot. They're both drawings. +382 The nopeworm extends its white fiery plague nostrils to smell … +354
Any requests for the next build? Within the relms of the possi… +338 Picture +333
Big whoop, but can you melt steel beams? +332 Yes +330
mfw I've totally done the sex +314 your username fits you +306
You just need a better pickup line +304 Thats once per 7.85 seconds. At least she's dedicated +303
"be wary stranger, Khajit does not play these games" +301 well, that went from 100-0 really ******* fast. +298
Now we wait for someone to complain about how he said "si… +297 Well there goes 95% of their players +296
im satisfied with how steam handled their situation though. +281 Picture +280
Dat debut tho +277 I'm sure a simple hug would suffice. +270
Picture +266 Picture +265
Picture +259 Picture +259
What are you? a filthy casual? +251 Yo dawg, dont you be bringing bethesda into this. It'… +249
Picture +246 My opinion on metalwork? I think it's pretty brutal. +234
what i immediately thought of +227 **Anetheril used "*roll picture*"** **Anetheril rolled ima… +215
Picture +212 that last one +211
"Never seen that much blood without a corpse" S… +209 I GOT YOU BROS +207
Muslims +205 >pushes gf back into corner >positions himself betwe… +203
Dude looks like a monster of a ninth grader +203 faster version +200
play times over ************ +195 I know his art style too well, I saw the face then got confuse… +192
dragon by its adorable self +192 Magnificent +189
no worries +178 "hurled the severed head into her village square" +173
Picture +173 Picture +167
>men have fragile egos More we generally don't give a … +167 Picture +165
All the time I needed to wait +165 Macburt +162
I remember seeing this for the first time and thinking it was … +161 Unfortunately the feminists. The collective mass of t… +160
Probably not the Spanish Inquisition +159 Both after titties +159
Looks legal to me. +158 Picture +157
Picture +155 Picture +153
That has got to be one of the coolest OCs I've seen on this si… +153 Beerus is absolutely adorable when he's not genociding or tryi… +152
I'm starting to worry that some of you are actually Nazis. +150 How does this relate to anything? +150
'geodes carved into skulls'* +150 Done. Sending to as many as I can find. +150
what it feels like to have kids +149 Picture +149
Those students look like ******* hippies and women's st… +146 Picture +145
so do all black people just secretly love anime? +145 > then > now From arab guy to white girl ..… +144
Picture +141 Eat it you ******* whore +141
but if that happens to me, my helmet gets ruined. i dont want … +140 Judging by your username, I assumed your strategy was to lower… +139

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