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I just checked the twitter. Someone else made and posted the p… +1242 Finally, the counter-assault has begun.... +953
With a body like that, they really are beach ready. +655 it looks just like the one i wear out in public, same fit and … +560
But if any other website like tumblr or facebook did this, it … +560 Sikh and Destroy +479
Picture +455 mfw that dense bastard is so deep in racism he doesnt even rea… +444
Picture +436 I wish +406
Great job, look pretty sweet. It would look great even if … +390 ive never done drugs no reward other than good heath +379
I want to steal your kidneys +370 real FJ pride right here +360
damn thats smoother than the skin of a baby. +357 Picture +350
cropped for future use +334 Farfegnugen'd. +310
Dindu nuffin +296 I bought portal 2 at full price. Also known as the ga… +295
Yes. +289 Picture +286
'asshole blocked' we don't need to know about your constipation +267 Picture +265
Sometimes all we need is a little love. +264 Companies are going to gradually start realizing that submitti… +257
Picture +246 Bethesda Betrayed as much than Valve, Bethesda wants some mone… +246
Yeah, last time they went travelling they got accused of genoc… +238 R.I.P Edd, you glorious bastard. +232
Black man face when. +230 those eyebrows +229
Picture +228 Picture +219
I'm gunna guess you're female... +219 But you can exchange bitcoins for real money And a single … +215
You say you want a revolution Well you know, we all … +207 so what you gonna do with all that money. im gonna go… +207
Hey now. They don't want to be associated with them either +205 How the **** do you even have a girlfriend, you asshole? +194
Originally, students were given the summer and early autumn se… +191 Hurr durr imma tinkler bell +190
" I'm not allowed to say that word" "What w… +187 at first i thought he was aiming for the pool way off in the d… +183
to think, that all this could have been prevented if only … +179 Corrosion of iron +179
The Canadians have gone too far. +178 Don't forget to sign this if you haven't already +174
the real problem here is you bought Hardline. +172 i'm a sick person.... +172
Picture +171 1. This is a legitimate issue. 2. you are just now figurin… +170
So damn smooth +170 Picture +168
I'm the #1 guy +168 Oh boy. Whales mating. +168
Picture +165 > Not breaking these "oppressive" scales by just … +164
Picture +161 Picture +157
Oh god, MDMA. That **** does not let you think straight… +157 feelsgoodman +156
Picture +155 Germans are the best ******* tourists. They are kind, c… +154
Picture +152 Thank god no one on this site will ever have to suffer this feeling +152
Picture +152 That's not even a burn +151
What about rad servicemen? +148 You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself bec… +146
Dude, do you have any idea how hard they just tried to ***… +146 That's a horrible two word essay. It should have said "It… +145
That actually hit me... that what you just posted could potent… +145 10/10 +140
Better reign yourself in there a bit buddy. +138 **bluwizard used "*roll picture*"** **bluwizard rolled ima… +138
Picture +137 He should have packed on the extra $500 for saving his virginity too +137
"triple meme triangles" +137 If a person applied to a job, didn't get it... and cried all d… +135

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