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>be me, business man with aspergers >on bluetooth ca… +505 Either beat his little ass or send him to therapy before he es… +493
the future is now +410 what the **** shave him bald and scrub h… +404
Amazing the time we live in. Now, you can see it again. +397 Picture +384
her response was probably "this is why I need feminism&qu… +372 Picture +368
Picture +353 Thats ******* gross +345
"99% of this generation will suck dick but won't eat the … +278 Picture +259
Picture +255 Picture +249
Picture +243 i dont think anyone on earth is equal i think there will alway… +227
So this is why feminists are so against video games. … +226 Telekinesis 1) Can pickup anything 50 ft away. 2) You … +221
Picture +219 girl: come over me: i can't i'm in east berlin … +215
The exact type of person I'd greet with a shove to the face. +211 Well someone need to pick the cotton. +204
******* beat that little **** until … +201 "I study Psychology & I know what a man is thinking, … +199
it was obviously going to be posted sooner or later... +199 Time to shave my head. +198
if only i could chose all. id be an un stopable rape machine +192 Stunt jump failed +190
"Get the **** out of my goddamn yard, you … +186 they werent slaves, they were paid wages, given housing, and &… +185
1) Randomly 2) Randomly 3) Chrome 4) +176 Picture +173
**bringmesolo rolled image ** Funny Junk Starter Pack +170 If all the Tumblrinas in the world just disappeared overnight,… +167
mfw holocaust in the commet section +165 Maintaining eye contact has never been easier. +163
As glorious as this badge looks, I don't deserve it. This … +161 Never ceases to amaze me how technology has changed in just a … +159
Picture +159 Picture +158
THAT EXPLAINS WHY MY ARMS NEVER STOP FLAILING +154 that isn't impressive in the least +152
I support farming. In face, you could call me.. .a hundred and… +152 Picture +151
Holy **** , that kid is going places... Places lik… +148 Lifehack. +147
Its a worm and it is partying hard. +145 I stopped finding dickbutt funny a long time ago, but I still … +144
What if the cameraman died, and the wife is the one taking the… +144 This person is great Props to Cloyd Rivers +143
Kids got some issues... +142 "You've wrecked your Car" No **** … +141
Bad crossover, VERY bad crossover!!! +138 Unless you have you have a personality disorder (which could b… +138
On the other hand, he could be a Japanese teacher, in which ca… +137 why feminazis wont stop +136
Picture +131 There is no winning with them hfw +131
>be me, CEO of bank >employee is late for work &… +130 It's called a character +129
Now think about this in first person. +128 Didney Worl!!! +128
Dammit tumblr how do you know the moth identifies as male +127 Picture +125
Picture +124 and thats why they shave men in the army +124
Did not make this. +124 > be me, quarter in some guys pocket >i got a nice c… +123
Playing 24 fortes +123 **bioderf rolls 888** ha ha. trippy +120
You just went full redneck, OP. +119 Oh boy this comment section +119
Picture +118 - Oscar Wide +118
I'm sorry whats that about it not waking you up with loud repe… +118 that a nice hat +117
i cant wait to use this in the fj comments +116 Picture +115
so the nice cop was throwing hes ball and these *******… +115 Yes, but then I just log right back in +113

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