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you go on fj because this is how you make money i come her… +1440 >An abusive midget sees the poster Plan flawed +1047
i achieved internet fame on one website by live streaming myse… +939 still have the mp4 hot dang +618
What if we say breathing is discriminating agains people who h… +532 once a girl hugged me and i though about her for 2 years roman… +518
lol neither do i +517 yes but the key difference is that crash bandicoot was a good game. +499
Keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there. +496 I can't even get first That's how autistic I am +480
I read a theory that it was Sidious that actually killed Padme… +472 i think you missed the joke or 3. +463
Now's not the time. +451 she's so hot, i'd let her fart on my face and offer my hand in… +436
this is literally a male version of tits thumbwhoring. t… +421 Picture +386
MFW I'm about to lose to a foolish samurai with a magic sword … +384 How is an ad for a helpline A ******* HELPLINE … +381
>Abortendo +361 No whiney complaint about the "cultural appropriation&quo… +342
eh +333 "quit bein a lil bitch, logan" +324
This is satire. The girl is Shoe0nHead. Its a joke. +308 puzzles in dark souls. +307
"We're proud to announce Fallout 4 Online !" +306 uploading your own comments as content what are you joshlol +304
TFW no qt ghost GF +294 >Kid: Dad why is the kid's face bruised? >Dad: Well … +294
mfw i land on the track but then bounce over the far wall +289 Picture +283
Looks familiar +276 As written by a 15 year old +272
I have actual autism +263 Actual human vaginas scare me. Never see one irl and really do… +262
Picture +260 I'm a mod on FJ. You can't be a bigger autist than that +260
Picture +248 admin right now +248
Holy **** , my sides I genuinely laughed, not… +241 And if they've fallen far and are trying to lose weight? That … +237
Picture +234 Picture +234
Hilary Duff +233 you liked that smile and you know it +231
But her foot is sticking out, so she's going to die +231 Picture +230
Local police officer faces first degree murder charges for bu… +228 It's not gay if he's tall ripped and good looking +227
Picture +226 i heard that in a hospital that provides abortions once every … +224
Samuel L. Jackson still looks like he's gonna smack your **** +223 >Not posting the video faggot +220
63 years +218 You didn't even ******* save it you filthy casual +216
Also accurate, as women are the primary abusers of children. +212 Still my favourite insult. +209
This isn't jolly tv comedian humor. This is best friend humor.… +208 That horse looks amazing. +207
It is clearly evidence of the contrary, you mouth-breathing … +203 Picture +201
**** off and die, no one gives a **** if it happ… +195 pretty sure he just put a yellow condom on. +194
‚ÄúThis has, and continues to, consume a vast amount of police… +193 The ending was kinda nice +193
don't forget chris evans in movie high school +192 You poor bastard. +190
Like I wouldn't find out +188 Admin has the best love stories +186
I'm first +184 I think your son needs special education classes since you can… +176
Picture +172 Compelling story, beautifully written, lovable characters, it … +171
Modelling pictures are always brushed up with photoshop after … +171 god i am so sad this never got an end nor a film. +167
"I have read and agree to the terms and conditions." +167 Reminds me of when my mom's friend tried to have an abortion, … +166
old lady that takes the bus +166 More like Chris Pratt poopers. +165
Naughty. +164 "Just the tip." +164

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