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>my dolly had blonde hair Ungrateful **** +1067 the top two are for water temperature the middle one … +456
were people really worried about korea's threats? +414 Ironically this GIF was lagging a lot the first time it played. +408
that italian family at the next table sure is quiet +382 Wow bitch teacher gave you a F on something that has no right … +362
Deprived? It is blessed to fall on my beautiful face … +353 Side Note: The re-entry to the new planet would be amazing +335
Do your ******* homework. +327 His ******* clothes are generated by the speed fo… +322
It's highly likely that Aperture Science does not conform with… +296 Well people from 2012 aren't wrong, the end of the world will … +285
Picture +282 One time in 6th grade I had to write a report on Nuclear energ… +281
13... RRRIGHT, maybe her friend in the back, I'm sorry if a … +263 no way +263
i'm putting this on my top 11 list of the most stupid *… +262 Alternatively: "No! You're a hobbit!" he cr… +252
All presidents except Obama were White males. +247 Good thing im out of school, free, timeless, jobless, uneducat… +242
you can almost hear him saying "pls, no" +239 What a time to be alive Phanact reposted my content with the s… +235
when a bitch is so ugly you turn gay +228 So... they're gonna stop a reality show because!! **… +226
what the **** +224 ***** the tree stooges, aren't cancer. +223
Picture +223 "Did you catch that?" "Yes. Yes I did.… +221
it is actually a joke +217 **ihaveapencil rolled image ** mfw trolls +213
> white woman > darky man > mix raced baby … +208 I identify as chickenkin and this offends me +208
fix'd +202 How did scientists figure this out? "OK the five… +199
Picture +197 Picture +195
Picture +191 Picture +191
Immortality... Make your way to a new planet eventually and be… +190 The part where he kills you +186
Picture +180 Flash +179
Picture +177 Picture +170
Hitler may have made a mistake or two. +169 Picture +167
Picture +166 Imagine if he would have convinced Peter Jackson to rewrite so… +166
**** yeah upturned microscope content. +160 playing a game with lag +158
If she was a vegetable she couldn't say no. +158 LISTEN GUY, IM GONNA NEED THAT PICTURE. WE HAD A DEAL. +156
**lurifax rolls 88** B Pls +156 Picture +156
Picture +155 pchoo +153
Picture +153 i don't know anything about this superhero beyond his power. … +153
He DID say that number 15 years later as a reference. Isn'… +152 Tell me, you ever been bitch slapped at the speed of light? +149
That look on the cunts face, as if that slap wasn't called for. +148 Oh waow this is my first time on the front page! I'd like to t… +147
Ha, you got me! You were only pretending to show your junk t… +147 A dude released a blog post about his ex-gf. He mentioned… +146
It's Tumblr. The only "books" they read are fanfictions. +146 Picture +145
Looking at her spine makes my back hurt. +142 Because men work and women marry men who work. +139
Picture +137 A proud new dad sits down to have a drink with his father. … +135
I kind of want to see what the rest of the person looks like..… +134 Picture +131
Picture +128 Picture +126
>dropping shampoo bottle in the shower >when the mic… +122 "Well ain't that a Barbie-Q..." +121
In response to the second tweet, what about that #KillAllMen t… +121 "If we evolved from nazis, why is there still /pol/?" +120
This isn't facebook +120 mfw when i got out of school into life +119

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