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I think the Germans think they could have. +824 Go to NSFW. +739
The fuss is that you want to fuck a coloured, fictional pony. … +590 Picture +519
>tumblr >no exaggerations >no random cap… +511 no, it's reversed +416
doubt their dicks would know either feeling anyway +415 The reason the US did so well during WW2 is primarily because … +410
Picture +390 Picture +352
After reading about the highways, I can only imagine a bunch o… +346 Body discrimination is disgusting and all you should be ashame… +344
holy shit, nigga That's some crazy ass parkour +323 Picture +294
Completely honestly - this dude offered me a blunt in a tent i… +290 But this gives the round guy a good chance to fuck everyone el… +285
My dick might not tell the difference, but my dignity will. +282 Ah yes. My favourite character, Unalive-Pool +280
Picture +277 **WhitePimp rolled image ** +277
Yep, he kept mouthing off about Orlando's ex wife and thought … +270 *sigh* another dickbutt +263
Picture +257 Now Final Fantasy is made by a large team of people who don't … +255
DO you think Bill is short for Billiam? +255 ** That horrible bastard! How dare he punch a woman!? This… +248
Gary could have bought his own beer but instead he catapul… +243 horns +237
But the nerds will get back at you through vandalism +234 You fool now you're here forever. +232
I don't know why, but he is one of the few celebrities that ac… +227 Unoriginal? He literally built a cascading tower of sand in m… +226
I agree, even if you're are just a troll. The problem is that … +218 Nigguh get some ebony woodstain on dat shit, den dat shit cray. +209
NOPE, I DENY YOUR CLAIM ON JOKER Joker was tryi… +208 Top right of top frame, I fucking see Sanic. +207
man i tried to slide down a tar shingle roof before, that shit… +206 Don't be mad at me, man. +201
The player had two white phantoms who are allies waiting in a … +190 Picture +190
...Some time later +187 Isn't it obvious? Post dickbutt! +186
Picture +183 Picture +177
Picture +176 Army Of 1 And a Half +176
There comes a point in life when it's no longer mommy's fault … +176 Picture +173
I don't necessarily support gays, but I'm in no way against … +173 instructions unclear, drew dick stuck in ceiling fan. +173
wow it took them 8 years to set the whole thing up +171 Picture +168
500 Thumbs! Comp 2: Episode 1 is on it's way! +167 Not mine. +167
But it's not because bronies ruined it or anything. The … +167 1v1 me fagit +164
wait, we can post ebony porn now? +164 Ok, when you use a line from a fucking front page post (regard… +163
MFW he didn't even varnish it. +160 Picture +159
i say chris tucker as joel and jackie chan as ellie. +157 good advertising strategy. Really nailed their target market there. +157
Now that he is gone.... +157 >You guys celebrated dickbutt's return by posting it so muc… +157
holy shit actual humor on fj +155 Then there's this guy... +155
Picture +155 Picture +152
Shit, they throw in a blunt too +151 Picture +150
Picture +150 But if you would stick your dick in and hear a " NEIGGHH!… +148
Picture +148 Picture +146
Picture +146 Sign up for a FJ gold account +145
Actually.. rubberbands +142 Nah, it's American hmor. +142
Did someone say digimon? +138 Picture +138

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