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Picture +450 Picture +446
NOW its anime water +417 when you get elected as president and ask the CIA if aliens ar… +407
It begins +403 They did precisely what was asked, what more do you want? +378
man he aged fast. +349 implying weeb faggots bathe +320
Picture +313 Picture +297
Blue is actually a more calming color from a psychological sta… +295 You guys are the idiots, see they will be looking for homeowners. +295
Picture +275 wrestlers have force fields around them. thats why they can't … +275
Would you look at all that funny. +274 fefe +270
What's the burning thing? The guy who lost the last round. +269 Nothing. In fact, it was f*cking amazing. +268
Picture +267 the friendzone is more like a guy applying for the job and tel… +257
TUMBLR IS JUST A BUNCH OF MISANDRISTS THEY JUST HATE US FOR BE… +252 I will be hated, but this is fairly accurate. Hyperactivity do… +249
Forrest Gump also had trouble recognizing a joke. Eve… +245 Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger standing next to Wilt Chamberlain… +242
Picture +231 the Swedish showed us how policing is supposed to be done. … +226
Wow dude, not ******* funny. +218 David Hasselhoff made a damn music video for this. +218
this **** brings my piss to a boil +215 Please just **** off already. +213
Other than 4 maps confirmed (I think DICE said that there will… +209 >2015 >not spending 99.99 on horse pussy ***… +209
tree fiddy +190 man that would be a great law if they actually had sunlight +185
Picture +185 >YFW you get hired as ANAL DESTROYER +183
Picture +176 Or it could be the fact that we've yet to see gameplay of it, … +176
Jesus ******* christ. I dont know whats worse. … +176 >Jack >Key >Chain +173
Well played Dog, well played.. +171 I'm not an actor but at this point , I'm too afraid to tell +168
kids FW he thinks they are going to keep driving and his mom s… +166 "I hate funnyjunk, all of its content is the same reposts… +162
people who bitch about rules in streetball +161 Implying you had ANYTHING to do with your survival in that sit… +159
The **** you want +158 Picture +158
Picture +156 Last night I secretely bonded with the buns of your sister +149
Found this gem +146 You could say they had a magic car pet ride. +143
Picture +143 "Oh glove, you're the only one who understands m- OW WHY?" +139
Found the bad bait +136 **loonyticthethird used "*roll picture*"** **loonyticthethi… +135
You forgot mods. Yeah, this is a thing now too. +132 To the guy who thumbs down everything and everyone. +129
**gomugomuno used "*roll 1, 0-9*"** **gomugomuno rolls 0** … +129 How would you know? are you the other person? +129
Need to reinstall this throw back orgasm. Also, yes t… +129 And so much more, too obama is a walking diversity qu… +127
Twat +127 She's sitting on a valve +127
s-single player masterrace... +126 The mental picture of the monkey riding the lion reminded me o… +125
Picture +124 dude..... +124
One month ago the creator of nexusmods predicted this and wrot… +124 Because humans have absolutely no capacity for inferrement. +122
ISHYGDDT Meme +121 Picture +121
what bear +121 I present to you two quick edits for your viewing pleasures. +120
Easy. he's the one in a uniform +120 Don't be sad Just picture Big ole' Andre up in heaven as a… +120
Jew hands? They get ******* 25% Valve is the jew +119 Picture +118
They said the exact same thing about Hardline hahaha its a &qu… +117 Every single mod. +117

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