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Picture +745 The minorities go to your country +408
There's nothing wrong with treating the delivery guy like a hu… +376 EXPECTO PATRONUM +368
Don't worry m8 Maybe you'll die first? +344 My friend is always sending me snapchats about how he's gettin… +340
...aaand 20 minutes later everybody lit another cigarettte. … +337 You know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is a di… +317
I expected a different ending based on the previous one. +315 Not sure if OP mean't to do that or accidentally put in … +305
Get a better monitor. +297 hey its the same captain that flew the plane i took. captain S… +294
THE CONTENT SPECIFICALLY SAYS STAR WARS +280 Collectively you nugget. +278
Picture +275 She probably has Metal Gear up her ass as well. +268
"why smoke if it kills you?" because it kills me. +267 Picture +261
Picture +255 Nothing. Stand there and dont move +251
thats not the oxford comma you ******** +239 And most of all, they did nothing wrong +236
love his face in the second panel "oh please, do go o… +235 i wish i could erase my memory and rewatch the show i wish… +234
It's not necessarily a no.... +232 Picture +227
Rum. Goldschlager. Gin. Vodka. Long ago, the 4 alcoholics … +225 something aint right here... +224
Picture +214 Oh, but while reddit is standing on 4chans shoulder, we, the s… +212
Picture +208 /pol/ right now +199
Thinking about Meryl and things going up her ass. +198 u just mad cuz hes got more game than you +198
Picture +196 Picture +196
I've been having a rough week and I was looking for some funny… +196 Picture +195
Picture +194 Now imagine the uproar if it was a town of men asking for sing… +193
Scared, Potter? +191 Lions +189
hfw +188 He missed one. +187
is it bundled with new super mario new new super mario that is +186 The fact that Cr1tikal will die one day makes me very sad +183
>Caesar's legion >promoting love I think yo… +182 aloha snackbar +179
Looks like someone skipped leg day +174 "Titkercheif!" +173
Somehow I think this one is satire +171 so phil fish is the kanye of the gaming industry? could … +169
i never made fun of brock, always thought his determination ev… +167 Picture +163
These aren't hard decisions when there are no down sides. … +161 Picture +161
This is my life now , I am one with the Post-it +161 **micderp rolled image ** are you even trying anymore? +159
That guy's a real douche, though. She acknowledges being fat, … +159 For those interested 4chan frequently hosts a football competi… +159
Click harder the blacks are still here. +155 NO U +155
Awkward moment when my last name is Gay. I will forever be Mr.… +154 Of all the trolls I've seen, you abandoned your gimmick the mo… +153
People only spend 3 billion hours a week? Casuals +153 This was touching.... Have that nipple biting gif +152
nah man... nah +151 Ask and thy shall receive +150
Picture +150 I seriously thought a shark was gonna come of no where and swa… +149
He parents, probably +147 MFW you do comps again +146
Unfortunately as a pizza delivery guy, I can confirm most of t… +146 1. New Car 2. New House 3. Jackie Chan .… +145
And since the Jews control all media, we won. +143 The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow Nirvana - Smells Like … +141
I'd rather have all the immigrants deported. +141 People struggling to lose weight. Me I'm trying to … +137
You do realize that people bash your trolling attempts and gai… +137 One of these .gifs are not like the other! One of these .… +134

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