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apology for bad english when were you when 4chan dies… +714 I've thought this entire SJW **** is stupid as … +564
Male circumcision is a sex crime +554 MFW +499
sooo i guess they didnt get away scott free +476 Picture +472
Fukken' liar. +347 yes they bought the new iphone...again! +330
**hawkmonster rolled image ** this made my day +322 I guess that first comment was a real shot in the dark +309
That's why I can't stand those so called feminists (Sarkeesian… +296 Bitch so fat that he turns gay +273
Picture +272 The puppet backing up slowly makes it for me. +265
Picture +262 stop watching tv shows and talk to girls +258
"the human eye cant distinguish between 30 and 60 fps any… +253 PC PS4 Xbox One Magnavox Odyssey Like whatever… +247
This helped a lot, thank you. +243 I like FJ the way it is; mostly ignored. +233
"Thankfully Britain, France, and Russia are pretty much u… +232 that last thank you before he dies +229
I love photoshop. +225 TFW they can't change from a beta to an alpha. +224
The gif OP was talking about in the description for those inte… +219 Kojima don't care. +207
Hope you like my drawing of you! +200 i was out at the gay fish club last night +192
shut the **** up faggot retard +191 not a huge fan of the content... But damn that d… +190
>"there's free food" >food's not even that… +185 long ago the internet lived together in peace and harmony, but… +182
I just hate it when there's a character in a show who's identi… +179 Funnyjunk is the last ship, ladies and gentlemen. Let us ride. +173
Picture +172 He complains that it wasn't in the face. +172
Picture +171 And Kojima will still (hopefully) not give a **** … +171
***** you're jokexplain. If you're doubting yours… +170 What started off as a run of the mill feminist vs. internet co… +165
Thumb for the Dude, man +165 sorry for not good English, but this post was ******* ! +164
You might be one of the biggest faggots I have ever seen in my… +162 to be fair its probably in the will of his parents or somethin… +161
I can't believe people aren't reading the free energy story on… +160 yyeah...have you seen the way admin talks about this whole inc… +159
I was skipping through FJ blindly for a sec while looking at a… +158 Picture +157
May the flag never fall. For glory and country. Hail Admin. +155 Sometimes doing nothing is all that is needed. +153
Picture +150 Here's the proof I was talking about. +149
Picture +149 Picture +148
gr8 b8 m8 +148 **** quinn, **** the ********… +147
Steve Irwin Tribute "Wildest Things in the World" by… +145 fallout with the internet +145
No. This means that the war has just begun. +145 >People on twitter calling it out on being a hoax. >… +145
Hearing my dad stance on gay people makes coming out of the cl… +144 I've never been happier that FJ's run by Admin and his gay lov… +142
wow really? that's ****** up +142 In the not too distant future. +138
because i'm worth it +137 Like they did during Aurora and all the others right? +136
guys are shamed just as often, if not more than women. … +133 Picture +130
What if admin disabled making new accounts. Yfw regular accoun… +130 It's late, haven't slept, did my best given the circumstances. +128
playing kinect with friends +127 You spelt Genital Mutilation wrong there, pal. +126
If it's black it can go back +125 That whisper.. +124
Submitted at 9 PM EST That first fact was really … +122 Picture +121
Picture +120 Picture +119
*Translation* --- "ow-ow aaaawch" "… +119 Picture +119

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