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wow, do you realize how many little children this is going to … +1001 Picture +741
That's seriously ******* rude. +484 and just like that, im done with funnyjunk for the day. +480
It's obviously translated. Allah is a literal traslation f… +469 more like "no one can know the weird **** i listen… +422
Picture +419 Trying to kill yourself huh? NOT IF WE KILL YOU FIRST! +381
What about penises entering skulls? +356 in which case making a plant illegal is playing god +349
more like the harlem quake. +342 **lotengo used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **lotengo rolls 33** … +335
Even though he's a janitor, he's ******* somebody's wife. +334 What really annoys me is that we live in a world where people … +310
"Why would you ridicule me like this" +308 he's also been through texas with stone cold stone austin +308
dude it shows it RIGHT in the ******* picture. +307 Picture +307
Picture +302 Get a gif you peasant +271
I would never get a tat, but that is a fantastic idea for one. +271 Yes yes, let the hate flow through you. Fight eachother. +270
that **** looked so dumb until he pushed the hot pocket… +266 I can't express how crazy happy I am right now this i… +263
>fact about Nirvana >picture of the dude from Foo Fi… +259 Picture +259
no one needs to know +257 Picture +253
Probably a reference to the Marvel movies where the last few h… +253 Best reply +252
**lotengo used "*roll 1, 0… +240 she gets paid millions of dollars and doesnt have the ****… +233
i can cook minute rice in 56 seconds. +230 When actors are not working in a movie they grow beards in cas… +230
If you drink this in one sitting do you turn into a white girl? +229 Best reply I can think of: "you know what, you are no lon… +228
Psshhh. They were wasting time dressing each other like women … +225 Picture +224
The devotion of military servicemen to their animals always wa… +210 Picture +195
..Well, that hit way too close to home. +195 Is this implying that all it took to save mankind from tyranny… +193
I wonder how they organized that. "So hey, who are we… +191 ITS NOT WEED YOU PIECE OF **** STONER! +191
Just came here from your fact comp. +189 Picture +185
Nooo not the Halo 3 edition... +185 I ******* hate stoners, i smoke weed but these goddamn … +184
Nah, he's pretending it is a rocket launcher +181 Consider this: The most common federal occupation, the Uni… +179
when admin posts ****** ass content again +179 god that last one, the **** , seriously +178
Picture +177 As long as you say 'no pedo' its ok +177
That's exactly what a terrorist would say! +177 >Main Character gets angry and takes away all their electro… +173
Picture +173 It's almost unnerving how often I get to use this. +169
aaaaaaaaannnnnnddd... thats when you cut her off. +159 its funny because at the start of this episode they were tryin… +158
Picture +158 Them legs. +158
God I ******* hate Aziz Ansari +150 Picture +150
Alaska's a different country than America now? +149 I completely agree sexy. wanna **** ? +149
Picture +148 this is my life +147
bears win....funny +147 ******* poetry gold +146
"Smarter than you white guys comp" now featuring ast… +145 Picture +145
Picture +143 Picture +137
Everything sounds scarier when it's in scientific form. Just l… +137 qt in the wheelchair is still out of my league +135
Picture +134 Woah I bet with one of those I could set the world on fireeeee. +132
but will it help unlock her heart +132 you don't have to be smart to have common sense +132

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