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Don't teach men to avoid rape accusations. Teach women to not … +992 Happy sober birthday +780
Picture +695 ''Give ya lamp a good ol rub.'' hehe boi.. +615
I wanted him to destroy them for their ignorance And… +604 Picture +546
Picture +464 "Self taught, and not half bad. Still, your technique... … +456
This was so intense +442 ***** das gay +389
Hi my name is David and I'm 1/16th native American. +342 The best one +337
Just gonna leave this here.. +328 the man in the picture, prince Al-Waleed bin talal Al-Saud, th… +320
Picture +315 So our independence day is April 7 in the metric system? Crazy +314
See you on the frontpage ******* +312 Feminist logic* I'm probably just being foolish here… +312
Picture +304 My Ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same? +300
Funnyjunk version. +290 Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did. +286
If this gets top 3 and he doesn't make a video doing it Admin … +281 Picture +279
Are we rushing in? or are we going sneaky beaky… +263 MFW you guys don't murder people and sacrifice them to to glor… +256
Picture +249 So if you trip on the beach you're ****** +242
Teach everyone to be good people. +226 It never ends +223
his love for lady death symbolized his deepest desire to commi… +220 **acivcrusader used "*roll 3, 1-99*"** **acivcrusader rolls… +219
Picture +217 Things I wish my ex had understood. ******* Disney … +217
Lulwut +211 I'll just leave this here. Yes it's … +209
Picture +206 heres a better song +206
Piccolo, is that you? +206 #6: Glad to see we're all already following this tip. +204
>scuse me love >yea? >tell her to go ****… +199 That's my favorite too +199
**skymochi used "*roll picture*"** **skymochi rolled image… +198 What I feel like playing support on League. +195
Picture +193 I cant look at this movie without being reminded of shadman +188
I had a friend name Santiago who had trained in MMA his whole … +185 Picture +184
amidoinitright? +177 done it in like a minute in paint pls don't hurt me +177
Awesome, awesome to the max. +177 MFW I remember how good knuckles smell +177
Not sitting on the side of the screen that your character is. +173 I swear, sometimes I think that becoming this awesome requires… +172
"Hey what instrument do you play?" "I'… +172 At least he isn't injecting marijuanas +171
I think he snapped into action pretty fast. +171 From a different angle. … +168
Yea boyy +167 Picture +165
No wait, here's the final version. +160 Now make a John Cena edit. +160
Why would you buy 99 iPhones for a proposal? What do you do wi… +155 With all that money you're going to get wasted. Here's my reco… +153
Picture +152 **neos used "*roll picture*"** **neos rolled image ** MFW… +152
Some girl threatened to accuse me of raping her once … +149 Anyone else have anymore death booty? +147
>It doesn't take too much space. I'll keep it >It's … +146 Picture +143
Imagine a thousand-armed demon playing this on the apocalypse,… +142 hhhhhusky (/^o^)/ +141
Cringe comp? +137 Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. +137
Picture +133 Picture +131
tfw no pure asian muslim waifu +129 **paludan used "*roll picture*"** **paludan rolled image *… +127
>generalizing females >redrawing a someone else's comic +127 this wasn't that funny and sounds very fake +126

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