yeah straight people totally need reassurance at every step of… +1048 my dad would be like "wouldn't blood covered tampon sound… +701
saw that on 4chan like 10 years ago +660 Picture +647
Picture +554 Picture +417
I look like someone who got first comment too many times +416 my dad and i have this kind of bond, only not with metal lyric… +395
You look gear for a two year old. +387 Picture +386
Picture +373 IT'S FROWNED UPON BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL, YOU ********** … +348
Though I won't be continuing my dank WebM series, I'm passing … +338 me +328
"I'm not paying you even though you did exactly what I as… +323 Don't let it be over! +319
I love having an excuse to post this. +310 Bet they don't get to the cloud district very often +304
"S'cuse me, love? I'd tell her to go **** he… +286 They shouldn't be known to commoners, but they gotta be a litt… +278
Foudn him! +255 MFW I don't have a relationship like this with my parents +252
If you're 6"3 sideways, I'd consider losing a few. +241 "One star rated air line" one star is all y… +236
> real animals were killed in the making of this movie … +235 Text today Lasers tomorrow and then the world +224
It's short for Micheal Bay. +219 sorry bro, only armor from iron man 3. Hulk buster wasn't yet … +212
Picture +211 The post made absolutely no implications as to what the poster… +208
mine has sound +207 Obviously the most important use for portal gun. +205
You poor thing +200 WOAH WOAH WOAH You can't just rape people over the in… +198
Sometimes women don't produce enough milk to support healthy g… +198 Picture +196
That's all well and good, I just can't help but think of the t… +194 Here's a present itsthetie +192
It means raising my hopes, my pride and my erection high into … +192 This is worse than the cringe comps +187
forever +187 Picture +183
They just assume that different colours means gender colours, … +183 it crazy how nature do dat. +179
Picture +178 "I shouldn't be alive" +177
old but gold +175 Dude chose the RIGHT day to deliver in riot gear. +174
Haha, I made one of these years ago. Needless to say, it didn'… +166 Picture +166
Picture +165 Dank WebMs... Your legacy will live on in all of us. You w… +164
Till joshlol finds a girlfriend +163 I made a thingy! +162
Picture +162 Picture +161
Picture +161 Joshlol `s father loved him to much +161
That's because American feminism is based on the belief that w… +161 <- My reaction to these comps being over. Thanks f… +160
aww yiss +160 tomorrow 8 pm utc +158
Picture +155 welcome to funnyjunk, where 9gag watermarks are worse than gore +154
reminds me of this +151 THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES +150
>Order this >cut it up >eat it piece by piece… +149 Cut pics: +148
Picture +148 i thought they were gonna cut a hole in the ice and fall in +147
Share horrible stories, i'll start >working as a freela… +147 >I'd tell her to go **** herself … +146
The age isn't what matters. What matters is if menopause has k… +146 no because if you look close enough you can see that person ha… +146
That ain't sonic +146 OP, I recommend stickying this for all the people who are call… +145
America in war +145 Shun the non-believer! and behold my ****** … +144
foiled again +143 would bang 10/10 +142

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