Picture +835 WOAH WOAH WOAH You can't just rape people over the in… +669
Text today Lasers tomorrow and then the world +506 >Show up and see her like this alone >grab her by th… +484
Bet they don't get to the cloud district very often +460 Being in one of those cars like +419
"One star rated air line" one star is all y… +411 OH YEAH OWNED BITCH YOU GOT ******* WRECKED +388
This is worse than the cringe comps +386 Because people are idiots and profitable. +376
Cave Johnson here, Just a reminder to all employees that birth… +371 I wanna stick my dick in it. The girl's cute too. +363
and then she smiled smugly at him while she went to the back t… +362 Picture +350
Picture +349 Fixed +328
Share horrible stories, i'll start >working as a freela… +303 che guevara is a arsehole communist and a overall bad person. … +275
Picture +267 Because he didn't pray until after he got shot, obviously. +258
REKT +254 steve jobs is a ******* bastard who did nothing f… +251
"I've emailed the files back to you. Now it's like you ne… +250 They're called femi nazies for a reason. +249
The best explained answer: "The boy remains a bo… +245 OP, I recommend stickying this for all the people who are call… +238
What have you done! You've shown FJ you are a girl, now you ar… +226 instead ah catchin it with a net, lets hit it with a **… +223
It means raising my hopes, my pride and my erection high into … +221 Picture +214
MY first donger is rasied admin +212 Look at them, grab the biggest gear (in your mind), and rotate… +203
Picture +203 "MY LEG!" +200
Beautiful teamwork +193 Picture +192
my dongers +192 youre right. It did +191
forever +190 no because if you look close enough you can see that person ha… +189
I made a thing. My skillz with gimp. sorry it's not … +184 Picture +176
I've seen too much +173 I applaud you foe getting the yes, but c'mon man, don't send 3… +173
Picture +169 Till joshlol finds a girlfriend +168
America in war +165 His racist remark is literally from his biography. t… +164
Picture +164 Picture +164
I ******* hate his face +162 Thanks for inspiration, bruh. +162
Picture +161 Picture +161
no you dont +160 Picture +160
Picture +159 Programming while mastrubating +158
now here's something interesting... I've never seen the horn g… +156 Link goes fishing +156
do it for mr skeltal +156 Picture +155
Sometimes I wonder why no one has made toilet a peddle next to… +155 'you're still coming to work right?' +154
THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES +153 Except it isn't. It's a straight up World of Warcraft joke. +152
Nobody asked for her opinion. Not only does it work counter to… +152 They should get a video of a feminist doing one of their "… +151
Picture +151 I call ******** +151
**ppheadbuttface rolled user guntoat ** +150 Picture +148
Picture +148 Futurama: Season 6, Episode 7 The Late Philip J. Fry +145
Admin, can we start renaming anonymous again? +145 Now It's art. I tried. +144
did someone say... ******* machine? +143 Picture +142
It has come to my attention that we may have a necessity to mo… +142 You start out trying to be nice to everyone, as they all offer… +141

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