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Some guy's imagination. +776 i posted nudes +716
That last panel tho +542 Go give your mom a hug. +499
Another person who made a joke based on a now well known inter… +473 "trying to figure out their gender" you see if i… +408
Maybe it's Maybeline +397 Picture +396
My last roommate had a biblical ass. My new roommate is a mode… +385 I've never heard to someone refer to a verbal 'chewing-out' as… +381
Read a review for a laptop once, I don't remember all of it, b… +373 You're right Hakim. 2001, a space odyssey was a wonderful book. +372
I'm never leaving. You can't make me! E… +350 Picture +343
Hah, imagine identifying as a diner condiment, I on the other … +299 first one is fake second one is real +293
are you for real? +260 Did he just forget that she could rip his arm off by just lift… +258
talkin' **** bout bae +257 I may be gay but at least my waifu isn't katarina +255
"head ache" more like you have no penis, Hal. +251 Picture +251
Picture +247 What if...Ghost-Sharknado?! Nyoh My God. +245
Id work on your mom until the very last days +244 Not if I have a say in it. +242
Aaaaaaaaaaw, I love a happy ending. +241 so does he just wake up each morning glittering or does he hav… +241
Congrats on the URL quads. +229 I'm all for assimilating and "destroying" culture of… +224
"and continues to creampie teens to this day" may yo… +223 She swallowed it. +221
she found jesus +219 I don't even have a chip and I'm considering it. +217
When they catch him trying to sneak out. +216 But what if no one shows up.. +211
Don't leave a fox there with it's mouth open. You'll attract f… +209 Ginger ale, I... +208
Picture +207 oh wow using an actual strategy do you get pissed if someo… +206
Because they are in lesbians with each other +200 0/10 forgot to remove your nose +200
A creepypasta that's genuinely creepy? Now that's a rare sight… +199 Not all of us. But I've said too much already. +199
Later... +197 What a douche +194
Picture +187 Picture +186
I love how his friends were always with him despite the fact t… +178 THIS IS GOIN' IN YER BUTT! +177
Picture +177 di- di- di- didyourmom +177
I see a lot of people explaining, but I'm drunk, and hey, mayb… +176 tits. +175
sparkle sparkle ************ +174 Those donuts +173
i love posts like these fj comments are funny as … +173 "Its cock blockula." +172
Why would you do that? +171 Picture +169
That's just sad. +169 Gotta figure out where I can buy masks that realistic. +167
It's SMBC. Here's the link to this amazing webcomic (… +167 I have about a dozen nerf guns that i keep loaded around the h… +163
>making hitler lose since jews are behind 9/11 you caus… +160 no, they were actually talking about the doctor this time +159
Wait, FJers are autistic? +158 he knows his **** +157
You bout to get 40 more, punk-ass bitch. +157 It's a joke +157
OOOO-RR-EEEEEEEE-OOOOOOO +157 You should tell them you're a mod on funnyjunk +155
Concrete inspector? What did he do? Go around going "Yup,… +153 >No backstory It's like you're completely ignoring… +152
wait... an ending that is just a normal ending? +148 TFW they find out you were poor and had nothing anyhow. +146
suddenly starts questioning sexuality i want a pretty… +146 I read the first line and I assumed either A. The boss ja… +144
Retarded and ashamed. +142 Bush was elected once, in 2004. He won in 2000 because the cor… +141

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