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As the ancient hawaiians used to say; "When hooking … +848 Seriously you have to be hella gay if you're into any sort of … +673
Picture +579 >find cave >go into cave >find mob spawner … +547
Picture +539 I like to fap to naked women +524
females +369 wtf is beautiful about a 400 pound bag of skin and fat bouncin… +354
Man this is depressing. I hate iphones, they ruined mankind +351 I don't know why I did this. +350
>wood is better than nothing >nothing is better than… +340 Alright, let me tell you a little story mate, when I was 6 I s… +338
Picture +321 mfw this comment section +308
he's lasted more than double that, he doesn't need your advice +305 This is not my creation, but I would have putten this one for … +300
quality posters +289 mfw +277
**pariahlol used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **pariahlol rolls 000** +273 dank memes +266
those breasts are only marginally weirder than Aggro's nipples +262 chrome is more like gold because its fast but thats about it +260
This is one of the coolest and strangest communities. You guys… +256 Picture +255
Picture +253 Picture +251
<the shop doesn't even do black science man justice conside… +220 A Feminazi would still be ******* offended at this. +217
I got some pretty big tits when I hit puberty but sadly I am a… +216 "Here's to milk, eggs, bread and cinnamon." … +213
Or...you know...more realistically you could just fold the piz… +210 YFW the old man walks out speaking German +208
"Have you simply tried turning off the TV, sitting do… +208 The Rudeness, The Stammering, the Rapid arm motions. It's Him. +206
When you get ganked by a 10/1 Mordekaiser +198 Picture +197
Putin still apart of KGB +195 oh boy +180
Picture +178 "Tried to convince the history teacher that Taylor Swift … +177
Picture +174 ah, forgive me... mfw i saw the sousaphone with the tuba +172
Picture +171 Picture +166
But disney movies don't have protagonists dying repetedly +165 I'm a huge thumb whore. I'm such a whore for thumbs I'll do … +165
This guys slaps your gf's ass in the club what do FJ? +164 Skyrim belongs to the Nords... but my heart belongs to you +162
So how many souls they drop? +160 "A Sniper Sees an Insurgent... What Happens Next Is Price… +159
That’s not the Taliban. That’s the Mujahadin, a similar gr… +159 I'm sick of 300 lbs land whales posting under "bbw".… +158
Picture +158 "no guy has ever treated me as nice as you do" &… +157
"Send help" +155 Well I don't, **** off. +155
Yeah its been shown that you can use another Monkeys body to k… +154 Picture +151
Picture +150 The look of utter betrayal +148
Picture +147 Picture +147
Picture +141 Picture +141
Eeyore is homeless. Where's his obamacare? +140 Nice. +140
**elscrocho used "*roll picture*"** **elscrocho rolled ima… +139 "Alright then class, pop quiz on the cold war, worth 15% … +138
Every damn time +137 This is a photoshop, sorry +135
**kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +134 What the ancient hawaiians are trying to say: Going for tr… +133
Seriously? Use anything to make fun about it! Rap… +133 that's so gay. +129
Picture +129 Green birds. +127
>The guy was British >Taliban Soldiers are not innoc… +127 Expelled? Why not just explain why it's wrong to do that? +126
You make a convincing argument, really you do. But invading Po… +125 Picture +124

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