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Fat-shaming Friday......I like this tradition. +353 >look up chris evans on wikipedia >see info about hi… +347
**derpityhurr rolls 99,977,746** +343 best description ever. +324
1. Kinder eggs are legal in the US 2. Guns like that are l… +317 Picture +305
Oh **** off you **** ass cunt, the g… +282 could you make one for this? +280
yes +265 In this season, the contestants have to go to Detroit. +262
Picture +257 Militant Atheism +252
The digimon at the end made me chuckle +248 Picture +234
Say hello to Gandalf. +231 Ooooh yeah baby, that's some good knife porn. I want one. +222
never forget +219 Ayyy lmao +217
"Right... There!" poorly edited ._. +216 I like how you can pinpoint the exact moment he realized what … +215
Picture +210 Picture +209
Red Envelope: Strangle the lady with the condom. Purple-is… +207 Picture +205
One of these assignments is not like the other +196 Some Americans go camping in Russia, and encounter a bear in t… +192
-2 pairs of sunglasses May God have mercy on their souls. +190 Black man with a collar? Oh boy that sure brings me back to th… +187
There are two spoons +187 No knock warrants should be outlawed. There are countless stor… +185
Picture +185 Picture +180
Picture +180 My mom is fairly overweight (comes with having three kids) but… +180
How about downloading some universal human rights? Oh… +178 I wanna say that's inappropriate but it's too funny +172
Picture +171 Picture +171
Picture +168 what did i ever do to you +167
Picture +161 Or you could just- +160
Well done everyone for ignoring this obvious bait fag. +160 Picture +159
I looked but couldn't find one. +153 Picture +151
The ads honestly don't bother me that much. I'd rather you mak… +148 That's some final destination **** there. +146
rats actually make really nice pets. I have been bitten more t… +146 Picture +145
I mean, I am pretty sure Harvard will accept you for that if y… +142 To be fair... the master sword is designed to inflict maximum … +140
I don't know **** about knives, but when I see so… +139 who the **** has a obama statue +138
And still smiling, I wish I could remain this positive when li… +136 show him your badge +132
Can't forget the best Samurai Jack char +132 like a pro +131
Picture +130 Hardboiled ladies man. +129
BigGermanSausageSt....jpg +127 I picked bulbasaur +127
Picture +125 i dont even know what word you tried to replace +125
Picture +125 added Shrek is love, Shrek is life to examples (rhetoric)#… +124
**mrloki rolled image ** you aiming to be a negative points user? +124 Picture +124
Picture +123 You're trying really hard. +121
Picture +120 and we still get one more season! +120
This is just like in L4D2 +120 Because the site is hosted on cloudflare, he could get into se… +119
Picture +119 Picture +118
Considering how according to her lore she basically sucks your… +115 Picture +115
**LordFapsalot rolls 00,053,209** How many dicks in a dozen?… +114 That dude must really hate Nazis. +114

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