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>him during a hardcore pvp session +1354 Glorious. Kill those demons, you brave bastard. +505
Dude, Bryan Cranston has been an actor since the 60's. He's be… +434 I can finally run depression quest! +427
I mean, the whole point of the challenge is to raise awareness… +403 ''Countries in Europe really like each other'' Yeah sure +349
That's not a good place for a living room. +344 As users we need to make sure this site stays Funny. So I will… +342
"biebergotswag" "straight" +318 Seriously, someone needs to contact admin to hook this guy up … +317
i've dueled NoHandsKen in WoW. I would like to think i'm prett… +315 That's about 750 dollars out of my price range +305
>Accept challenge >Friends make fun of me >Pa… +304 sounded like it was hurting him to to speak English +292
"He's not black he has a skin condition" … +281 "You see Ivan, when speek the English like me, the Americ… +271
And then they accidentally kill someone and they get really st… +264 lel +261
i should troll by siding with zoe, but what she did was too di… +258 Boy, you really told them. +252
i just hope nobody trolls him hardcore. he doesn't de… +245 >4chan being a caring father +242
So anybody else's balls just shrink back into their body from … +242 He's doing something I am quite respectful of, and that's stan… +242
She and her boyfriend had a legal agreement that if one of the… +238 By your power combined, I am shoebox! +229
Looks like you rolled some rolls. +222 yeah i dont think lasers are very subtle either +214
**serballer rolls 77** +208 Wait.... does he... speak? I thought he only communicated by m… +206
***** 1 million a day? oh lordy would i … +194 Picture +191
This should be made into an anime. It's got everything: … +185 He has 2 cats and he is invisible. This man is unstoppable. +183
You just need to max out your Charisma. +177 >elementary school >last class before going home … +176
Picture +173 Picture +169
Picture +168 oh god he took robin william's life +167
Some of you are aroused, bring it on +167 For god's sake op sticky me THIS IS NOT BOXXY. This i… +166
I love how you didn't end on the Freddy Mercury one, you just … +160 Supertard is love, Supertard is life. +159
Picture +159 I just laughed that there was ******* blood +155
Picture +155 Heard you talkin **** +154
Yeah I totally did that on purpose +150 why are there two of each gif? +149
**hornyllama rolled image ** +145 Ha +145
here you go +144 **zdawg rolled image ** I logged in just to thumb and fave +143
Picture +142 1) 2) 3) ASK CARLOS) GOOD NIGHT. +141
I'm not even American, but you realise the first moon landing … +140 I am from Europe and I can confirm that Eurovision is indeed, … +140
I cropped you guys this reaction image, hope you like it +139 Picture +138
When I show friends stuff that I like +136 dood ur like a mile from the city you lazy fawk also y u a… +134
**bearkraves rolled image ** "and you sir are you … +133 Picture +132
"Because I'm Chinese and He will force me to make him Nik… +131 I hope he's taking her to an asylum, where she belongs. +131
lol nope +129 Picture +129
And now for the inevitable debate over metric and imperial mea… +127 Oh my... +127
Picture +126 what happened to you man you used to be worse th… +126
**hektoroftroy rolled image ** My model wife +124 Picture +123
Picture +123 Picture +123
Soul mate implies mutual attraction +123 TFW you will never be molested by disco milf +122
Why would he marry some kids? Isn't that illegal? +122 Since Jesus is the son of Mary.... +119

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