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**theflyingdick rolls 98** ur stupid, its dis guys +1906 YOU SEE IVAN WHEN USE FIRE ON SELF ENEMY WILL NEVER AT… +481
Isn't it illegal to expose yourself to a minor. +392 wow fucking kids are more monkey than monkey is +367
"You do not have permission to share a public blog on the… +357 Thank you. No one here could have figured it out without your … +355
Translation: Dad: “No honey, you can’t get AIDS from a… +347 "Freaking humans.....this is why I don't evolve." +312
give her time, the porn will be there... in time +301 Whenever I make fun of retarded people, I feel like my chances… +279
Picture +271 Except by that logic, a single erupting volcano would cover th… +264
Wow, you should, like, write a book. +262 Picture +253
God damn I remember hearing that joke but never getting it. … +252 Inb4 Joshlol Makes this content. If so. Hi Mom! +252
Gee, you must be fun at gang rapes. +247 I'm confused as to how cock-blocking a complete dickhole is a … +246
It's not his fault. Someone put a wall in his way. +232 and all of you people are so gullible that this faggot actuall… +229
they slip a few thinkers in there +229 the photo he enclosed +229
Poor Bert, he is always getting himself into awkward situations. +223 That's not the only thing of his that's miniscule or nonexistant! +214
Picture +212 > write an entire book with slanted loops > best pie… +211
use this one for family guy +211 Fuck you Dubs, when I need you your not there, when I dont you are. +205
if you scratch an American dollar you can smell a strippers ass +204 It feels good to have a penis. +201
For those of you who don't get why it's funny. +200 if you can't get out of your own car, you should not be allowe… +199
Picture +193 Team matches. You get a party of five and they kinda just line… +192
Worst voice impersonation ever. +191 Picture +191
The answer? It's an Australian design. +187 Picture +185
Picture +176 >meme page +169
Picture +165 The time has come I never thought I'd be able to use this … +163
depression is caused by a lack of seratonin in the brain T… +163 To be fair, it's a pretty damn accurate copy. Give or take a c… +157
Loved her work in Grey's Anatomy. +157 spiderbro is doing his fucking job calm the hell down +155
>muh american freedums >name is ohayougozaimasu … +154 Picture +153
Picture +153 Picture +151
Puttin bitches in their place +151 Picture +150
I've never seen the original of this +149 Given the setting, the name of the wizard and the attire on th… +149
she be fugly +149 if you are fucking a girl in the ass and it hurts, you are doi… +148
Of course it hissed, that's what snakes do, idiot. +148 Picture +142
Picture +142 Picture +139
Yeah... pass... +139 I like how Kirby gets 200 points for observing (or hearing) so… +137
2 Days Later "OMG i luv Skyrim! im so nerdy! and… +137 Still a cool sculpture. Thats the only way i can see it being … +136
Thank you. +134 Picture +134
Picture +134 Picture +133
Stop that shit, you asshole little kid. This shit right here i… +133 There's a point in sarcasm where you do it so well it sounds real. +128
mmmmhhh all that cancer in one place. +127 shhhh +125
That was the worst throw ever. Of all time. +125 You just don't go hang yourself when you get bullied. But … +123
That would be cool as fuck +122 I wasn't aware you could sell cancer. +121
How is that man homeless? He's got the roofless bro-mobile to … +121 You shouldn't leave your animal in the car. It's hot out. +120
The other 10% are the ones who think themselves so ugly they c… +119 Picture +117

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