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Picture +716 The things you do to me +385
Soldier: "Mien Fuhrer, I have converted many to the natio… +350 How can someone be so much of a fedora that they ruin Christmas? +327
i feel like there's some kind of mass conspiracy going on, cuz… +311 so are you gonna stick with it? +298
Look guys, a hypocrite! One of the most common creatures on th… +290 this is an olympic lift. The object is to lift more weight, no… +261
>wakes up the next morning >his face when he remembers +255 ah BackStabber no one likes an BackStabber +253
remember to... +245 Picture +242
Oh, I know exactly were this pic is from. +233 That's because you were posting furry **** on my … +232
Picture +232 good idea +224
it's really hard to say without ******* up … +209 one of these is not like the others +206
praise +196 Picture +194
actually its a stick +193 My ******* sides has left the earth, into the dee… +191
"The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, acco… +190 Went and found the full version, this was just driving me crazy! +185
I PUT MY PEANUS WEANUS IN HER VAGINE +184 ******* lies. +182
Can never have too much money. +170 Picture +169
Picture +169 Picture +168
I'm going with 4. +166 Picture +165
Just because tools aren't heavy-duty brand name goodness, does… +165 Picture +163
Picture +162 >being edgy >wanting presents oh the choices lif… +161
An electrode is just an upside down voltorb. Both answers are … +155 This is one of those situations where you just give up and go … +152
Just sayin, but I feel like "somehow snuck" makes it… +145 Well it kind of does +143
Because we can afford them. +141 Tumblr is finally entering their preteen years I see +141
Picture +139 he delivered. its not like i e-enjoyed that or anythi… +137
This is pretty much my life. No regrets. +136 An emotionally unstable woman? On Tumblr? Man, wh… +136
Fine. **** it. Once asked my ex A victi… +135 Yes... Yes That's good. +135
**zouphy used "*roll cah answer*"** **zouphy rolls Me.** +134 Picture +134
stick turns to ash marines breath in ash pepsi +131 wait, why is the European branch selling your waifu? +129
So it was last year? XD +128 Picture +126
Picture +126 Picture +125
sleeping good personality +121 Picture +119
At least your Dog has good taste +116 Picture +113
Dat penetration. +111 I heard that airlines were going to screen emotional baggage. +109
Picture +108 Picture +107
**kaizoku used "*roll cah answer*"** **kaizoku rolls Harry … +107 But i like sprite +107
**** nig nogs, Indians are the ******* … +106 Picture +105
Picture +104 my guess is they were playing through the PA system or maybe t… +104
don't know why atheisttsiehta is getting thumbed down. It's a … +101 Teddy bear has only 3 legs. There are 3 candles on the sec… +99
Picture +99 **darcabyss used "*roll cah answer*"** **darcabyss rolls Be… +99
Listen up kiddies This cat got gud +98 You know we have an **** section right? They'… +97
Picture +97 how i think buns work +96
D0 yu0 3v3n h4ck m8? +96 >Identify this pokemon >"It's a Poke Ball!" +95

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