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>uploading screenshots of your own comments as content +1152 > still care about us hahaahhahahhahahha... ah… +1031
**lildo rolls 666** trips then cat dies. +760 Depression quest +701
so Rome is basically 4chan. +629 Like Joshlol content with Ecomp 10/10. -IGN +577
yeah like who does that +486 i hope putin-sama-senpai-kun notices vinny +473
meanwhile in france +469 Picture +465
Dear MLKJ, kill urself fgt Love, FBI +449 You're a real cool guy. thanks for taking my request +434
Picture +427 Now you're thinking with portals! +386
> tfw when no fat white smelly pussy +363 Picture +356
Picture +347 **regginog rolled image ** its all over now +334
MFW Putin launches missiles at the U.S. just because Vin diese… +329 Not the item game. +321
British SAS +318 Yeah because the conditions are do the ice challenge or donate… +303
this is the best one so far. I'd like to see someone make … +291 Picture +286
hfw telling joke +284 My god I would be ******** myself seeing these ba… +283
>spills the salsa > -$20,000 +277 Meanwhile, at the captain's cabin... +272
Picture +268 inb4 Putin breaks 50 meters of ice emerging from the Siberian … +263
No. +250 my favorite steam review of her "game." +236
Hey guys! I got the secret achievement in Depression Quest! +235 Some hurts only show on the inside... +232
Picture +231 Brittish SAS, you can't really get good pictures since you'r n… +230
In the back of the class? In the back for the ass +227 His laugh is so ******* contagious +226
This was just posted on Kotaku. Screenshot so you won't have t… +224 Picture +220
This isnt some anime battle, or a joke for that matter. … +215 he does hermes proud +211
They have the Ice Bucket Challenge in Russia, it's called taki… +208 > Gets reposted on FJ without a hint of irony +207
I can say from experience that Admin doesn't give a flying … +207 Cards Against Humanity +204
You know admin, though I've only been on this site since 2012,… +204 Picture +201
This story is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. … +200 Picture +197
couldn't afford a bed +189 he should really start taking money for the better reviews he gives +187
Something tells me it's going to end up in your drink regardless. +187 >joshlol >female attention You like going o… +186
Do this one! +184 at first glance, i thought it was about portals +178
it's not easy to post a series of pictures/things on 4chan bec… +176 How can someone be that profoundly stupid. +173
**drololol rolled image ** +171 The enemy can't catch us, if we already caught us. If yo… +170
Picture +170 4chan has already been conquered,we are the last ones standing +169
What an inaccurate depiction of Zoe Quinn's vagina. P… +167 Paul Walker Simulator 2014 +167
Jesus, is there anything Zoe Quinn won't **** in … +164 the hitman +163
Picture +162 Picture +161
Picture +159 Ok, this was just posted on /v/. Notice how it has FJ in i… +157
One of the cooler characters on the show. +154 >not saying kangaroos hold them 'down under' +154
WOW YOU GOT THE JOKE! +152 Because that board is for faggots. +152
Another fact: there was a Roman poem so vulgar it wasn't trans… +150 isn't necrophilia illegal? +148
Backsplash +147 Jokes on him, he actually pisses gasoline. +145
I only trust 4 gamming critics TotalBreakfast I… +144 >see request >think nobody can possibly come up with… +143

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