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Thermostat +687 **economic rolled image ** *roll 6* +683
**sackit rolls 6** I rolled 6 +529 the flash .2 seconds later +501
**cantfindaname rolls 999,921** +453 Oh wait, Im retarded +438
Picture +422 "Don't worry mister, I'm holding an everstone. I'm actual… +399
MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: "Were you just looking a… +399 **youlikeme rolled user elbrysobrony ** your going to heaven +383
Introducing....the double-decker couch +381 **matexius rolls 000** Here goes everything... +365
bees are not the most majestic thats for sure +350 I have the weirdest boner. +340
**scorpidea rolls 999,789** +335 Implying you wouldnt have done the same with a fat women +328
Picture +313 Picture +310
War never changes, and neither does the game engine. +309 its definitely a funny show, but andy makes the show so much better +305
You can see the love between those two, she's practically droo… +301 Season 12, episode 11; "Worst Episode Ever" +301
Thiss looked like it was going to turn into fabulous and spar… +284 always relevant on myth busters content +279
Oh so this is what a car pool looks like! +271 but we are special for going to FJ. +268
Picture +254 Say whatever you want about this man, but this quote is a pret… +246
That last kid gets it. +244 Killing superman to win a race? That's ****** up. +231
man the more interviews i see, the more i think working on the… +225 Picture +215
Conclusion: Batman's a cheating little **** . +212 That last kid knows what is up. +210
Picture +209 that's no bumble bee its a dumblebee +207
**planedisaster rolls 999** Bitch this is how you do it. +206 Oh this is not going to be good for the property values. +199
Daggerfall is kinda unfair though since the world is simply ge… +198 Picture +192
Woods and Enjoyment. +190 *roll six* +190
muh paint skillz +190 Picture +184
Picture +182 rekt +181
Season 9, episode 9; "Realty Bites" +174 All liquids that we drink turn to piss stupid +173
oh my ******* god +171 Picture +171
that cat is touching his penis +171 YOU'VE JUST MADE AN ENEMY FOR LIFE +170
How Fox News thinks Anonymous works. +169 Who pissed in you're tea today? +168
The question asked what would you do if you had seconds to liv… +164 you angered the pirates reggie +157
It was GLORIOUS! +155 Picture +152
"Life isn't fair." +150 Picture +150
I like lady bugs +150 my mom used to do this to me. she would go to the movies and s… +148
Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth, I wanna teach … +147 Where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +146
That's cute +144 Slut means "The End" in Danish. +142
Meh The alphabet IS the order, that's kind of how it works… +142 Picture +141
I honestly hope this petty little war never ends. It's abs… +141 Waking up to go to 8 am lectures. +141
**juha rolls 00** muh dubs +141 cant trust anyone, not even myself +140
mfw woman that try to force man to ignore millions of years of… +138 **blastros rolled image ** pirates are the cowboys of the sea +136
Picture +129 What. +129
Why don't you Tumblr down a flight of stairs? le fish ho… +128 his wife is dead, and since he was about to kill the other two… +127
Picture +127 Viggo is the man. Sorry if the text's a little … +127

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