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She can see into your minds, but she can't read them. +840 Picture +688
I was gonna try and make a joke for this, but I just fee… +476 Neither is the ******* FJ comment section or FJ Tha… +441
>Knock knock Who's there >It's the police m'am y… +396 Picture +355
Picture +338 omg i'm embarassed to go to the gym. take some selfies with me… +330
**sirstupidpanda used "*roll picture*"** **sirstupidpanda r… +330 When you click "see more" +330
Picture +305 Picture +292
Kids fw +278 It's a little funny actually. Hitler never said anything nearl… +275
Picture +269 bitch is painting a masterpiece +264
Isn't it Steve Buscemi? +259 those ******* stockings. +255
Picture +252 Don't go to the movies as a first date. First dates are meant … +252
i wonder who has **** loads of money great cre… +251 schicklgruber did nothing wrong. +243
When you're in the middle of a war but you remember your tamag… +240 Well ya know, if you actually look at admin's stickies. Th… +236
Jews did the holocaust +230 live action +229
funnyjunk in a nuthshell +220 Ponies. Bold text. Bad spelling. Pretending to agree with SJW.… +219
Obviously just an excuse to strut into the gym dressed like so… +213 That last one +206
I really doubt that is you. This post is centuries old. +204 Congratulations dorfdorfdorf, iloveburzum, kageshi, screamingd… +202
When you in the middle of war but you forgot to delete your br… +201 Bitches be crazy. +197
It's okay, if you're still hankerin' for some pinecest, I got … +195 When you in the middle of a war and aw **** you in the … +193
Picture +189 And push it somewhere else? +184
Feminists exist because they would rather play a victim than t… +183 I bring sauce. +180
Gameplay>Graphics Having played the Halo 5 multipl… +180 Nice browsing history +179
that's lewd +176 The desert eagle one is so much better with sound. +174
How about we take Bikini Bottom +170 >go to india > get dynasty >go to japan &… +166
the one where they do the things +163 Picture +162
Wake up sheeple. +160 Picture +159
Here's another. Praise to the albino eyebrow go… +156 "There are 10 basic rules" >only gives … +156
Supernatural has kinda gone the way of the Xfiles. First few … +150 I read it as "Emma, Men Try My Dear Watson." E… +149
Picture +148 **************** . +148
Girl's FW +147 maybe you just cant see it because shes painting your dick? +146
**davidavidson used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **davidavidson rolls… +145 Well , what would your reaction be if a ****** suddenly… +144
Picture +142 >mfw I didn't realize the bird was knitted until the post m… +142
>get forced to church for ghost sex >see holy ghost … +141 But Fat people don't get made fun of in the gym. It's a common… +140
The dog dies yet it's still a happy ending +139 Picture +139
He vanishes Until he is summoned again +138 [Porn music intensifies] +136
**** yes Krieger! +136 Technically it's right at least once a day. +136
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll fight like… +135 Of course Adolf Hitler would suffer from serious gas. +135
This one is really good, and not slutty at all +130 Do you think most people would be able to guess though? I'd ta… +130
top ******* kek +129 Payday actually has a nice enough community, as long as you're… +128
Picture +127 Picture +125
When you in the middle of a war but you tryna find hot foreign… +125 I don't see the problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong wit… +125

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