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"What was his name?" "rob" "… +658 Picture +587
'What are you gonna do? kill me?' - quote from killed man. +540 This show is awful. Every single joke ends the same way. Non n… +489
Picture +481 When I was in highschool a 17 year old kid beat up my 15 year … +411
That moment when people realize you don't know what the … +410 He earned their respect. He is their king now. +399
Picture +396 **notfanny rolled image ** golden roll +388
That rape. She makes it sound like EVERY girl has to… +357 Somehow I think that it's actually more sexy this way than if … +351
And that's how the British Empire was formed. +343 You beat the **** out of your own brother? +322
Picture +310 I used to want to be a cat. I'd wear cat ears and a tail at ho… +300
You could at least give canyou the credit OP. +300 **codywithane rolls 666** +294
That would explain why it keeps getting cancelled. +288 When you try to be polite to someone who is buying like 1 item… +281
Hipster cunt +278 I don't really see how this makes them a terrible person. It j… +268
I am czech and I can confirm this is true +264 Math XL was without a doubt one of the worst math online progr… +258
Picture +251 Picture +244
Steve's pissed. +242 I loved when he panned to the dog "And where the… +240
**** her right in the pussy +232 you forgot one +231
We all know Bosco. RIP, you magnificent bear. +225 I'm extremely high so my head nearly exploded Pic related +222
Picture +217 What a ******* slut! Couldn't she have just dumpe… +212
Is it me or do all the girls with such hysterical hair have a … +209 Picture +208
How can you not recognize Simpsons? It's one of the most famou… +194 So its for nobody? I have no strong feelings fo… +193
I'll admit, at the start of TBBT, I liked it. I actually under… +191 "man killed moments before death" this somehow makes… +189
It's funny because Michael Jackson is pepsi +186 Pirates of The Caribbean 2 +185
The new planet of the apes is coming along wonderfully. +178 Picture +177
"I'm the Captain now" "Show me yuh mo… +175 **dragginbref rolled image ** Being someone of a very serio… +174
I was a camp counselor for 6th graders back in May and there w… +170 we are leet haxors +168
I AM THE ADMIN NOW +167 Picture +166
Picture +166 I understand why a lot of people didn't, but I liked the Karat… +163
These are those moments where you realize the show was really … +162 **nimba rolled image ** obviously +162
>man looks at woman >shes a feminst >she yell… +161 Picture +161
Picture +160 family man +160
pretty sure the two first Pictures on the last row are suppose… +160 You got nothing better to do with your life, buddy? +158
Picture +157 How do you turn a fox into an elephant? you marry her +156
It's thumbwhoring, but it's clever thumbwhoring. +154 Kid deserved it. When I was 19, some 17 year old girl… +153
Right: I'm Czech i'm Czech, don't shoot. Sold… +152 google is your friend +152
only 4 comments, none of them is this gif +152 cool +152
Somebody gotta tank +150 Picture +150
If it's not the music it's got to be something else, but what … +149 From Greg's point of view, every day is an awesome day and peo… +143
Picture +140 When you hit a certain speed, you break the white-barrier and … +140
Sorry Russia but that is one of the coolest vandalism I've eve… +139 Picture +138
who do you think was the 17 year old? +138 A noose. +137
This wasn't in the US bro, he's not going to get shot in Belgium. +136 I was once called an 'insensitive terrorist-hugger' because I … +135

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