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**recreater used "*roll picture*"** **recreater rolled ima… +1358 he is going to have an "accident" very soon. +743
Friendly reminder not to refer to fat people as landwhales bec… +592 The champ just wants to ensure you take care of your hygiene +511
"All fun and games joking about Greek debt, just remember… +500 Lost it at " cause you'll beat me up?" +488
I had the biggest crush on Katara, back in the day. +478 Ah **** , I can't believe you've done this +461
When everyone in your house is sleeping and you stub your toe +439 Picture +402
Saw John Cena, immediately dropped my volume to zero. Can't be… +398 Picture +354
When you gotta meet the President of the United States at five… +354 who doesn't +353
Aw yiss Idiocracy is a great movie +336 God, This entire site is uncited SJW BS passed off as news. Th… +334
Imagine peeing at 2:59 and then it descends with you stuck in … +328 **toastiewaffles used "*roll picture*"** **toastiewaffles r… +320
What the **** is this, who wanted Elsa to be black, who… +317 Let's be honest for a second: EVERYTHING except for b… +285
**hadrian used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **hadrian rolls 88** Usi… +277 "As I walk boat through the valley of death Dutch..." +263
Bonus video +258 Narrow hole just big enough to fit a person? Dark? Probably ve… +251
It took me 15 years to discover my best friend was gay. He did… +250 **hadrian used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **hadrian rolls 55** +250
Picture +245 Picture +244
THE WAR IS ON FUCBOIS +236 Why are we pretending there are other candidates? We all know … +231
"Are you ready for the proglide challenge?" &quo… +230 Picture +230
Yeah I do that **** . Then I think of some top cringe fr… +229 better +225
God damn that was actually pretty ******* good. +222 fixed +219
So....Westboro Baptists watch South Park? +212 One less scientologist is always a good thing. +211
Picture +211 egoraptor is that you? +209
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +209 Name one government that doesn't spy on it's own people. Also … +206
So, I have a story for you guys. I think I'll use > to make… +198 **rollingpicture used "*roll picture*"** **rollingpicture r… +193
"And that kids, is where babies come from." +188 That would actually be a far better ratio than I already have,… +188
Kick it +187 Went for a piss, came back to see Germany had scored 3 goals w… +184
Sieg ******* Heil +183 >taxed before they even recieve their paycheck Yeah. … +175
Idiocy paid back in full in a matter of seconds. Beautiful. +174 **pinethrush used "*roll picture*"** **pinethrush rolled i… +173
**xgeneration used "*roll picture*"** **xgeneration rolled … +172 Picture +171
Picture +170 "Oh wow this is really cool" "wait she… +168
Based solely on the fact that the Scientologists are a bunch o… +165 Could you imagine walking into the toilet for a **** or… +161
Germany has laws where you get arrested for saying things that… +155 well ill be damned. if you really want to see a guy scream … +148
The robber could have taken the cashier as a hostage too +145 Picture +144
**yordles used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **yordles rolls 76** … +144 Holy **** is this cringy and edgy as feels like a high… +139
Picture +138 Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.… +138
Either way, that kid's ****** . +137 7-1 Their own countrymen were slaughtered before their ver… +135
Have some Berserk Bloopers There's Arnold impressions +133 You're welcome +131
tfw Clem will never taste mom's spaghetti again Noti… +129 Picture +128
Obligatory. +128 Why do I do these things? +127
Mrs. Johanson Holy ******* mother of REKT +126 Thanks for the sweet and funny comments! I got the w… +125
Of course it can be played. That's what an orchestra is for +125 (maybe it's natural) maybe its mayBELLIAAAAAAAAAA... +124
I ain't falling for that. No way I'm gonna be the next Dan the… +123 how adults react when you complain about free money +122

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