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I see a failure. +600 waiter comes over "careful, the plate is hot" … +486
what to do +437 John adams Chaos Knight Internet Explorer Cynanide… +412
Hey guys I also wrote a poem Dissappiontment … +362 no that's the thing, the guy was probably caught when veering … +359
really?! she's already tall, now she needs heels to show off e… +345 Picture +325
COLE > BEPSI. +321 You're not really ******* genderfluid you cunt. … +313
yeah, one Schindler's List is already more than enough. +294 Picture +293
unnecessary censorship is the best censorship +269 Now comes in mp4 form!!! +266
It's gotten to the point where I literally cannot work until I… +264 Bepsi +260
Fixed... +260 Picture +247
But that's retarded, the greeks didn't use roman numerals +243 You let pirates sit on your shoulder? Thats some weird … +240
The Party Van is on its way +235 futurama season 3 episode 1: Amazon Women in the Mood +219
*roll picture* What I see when I look in the mirror +218 Picture +213
Well it took him long enough! +211 I belive you missed the point entirely +210
We really need to stop posting tumblr **** on here. +209 It's so... empty in here... Well, then. Have a greentext. +207
You can easily tell the gif is looped due to all the comments … +206 that kid's getting ******* spoiled for christmas,… +204
HFW they haven't washed their hands yet +203 Infertile conrete?! Oh dear Deer Lord what will we do? +201
Picture +192 "identifies as a bush" my sides +190
seriously **** off, " they ALWAYS ride … +183 i crei evertim +181
And then theres futurama +176 Picture +169
Picture +166 My dream job: guy in a green morphsuit. +166
Most of my knowledge of exotic animals comes from Far Cry 3 +165 where did pete wentz? +165
Turns out Satan was a pretty cool guy tho +163 I will never understand how the creators of Oglaf not only con… +158
i feel like there's some kind of mass conspiracy going on, cuz… +154 wtf, did he also get attacked by a rat? +153
It was a ******* , joke you uneducated retard. +153 My dick. +153
Tumblr typing their fantasies online, only hoping they would a… +149 Bepsi? Don't you mean Bepis? +147
No, 4chan doesnt go out. +147 dont remind me +144
i think that number 3 on the kid's shirt must confuse gabe a lot +143 cole was the nerd +143
Because we can afford them. +141 git gud, scrub +141
not everything that's a bit symbolic is retarded. lightbu… +139 Sorry dude, but if you don't get this than just leave into the… +138
The "air" serves 3 main purposes: 1. It shows th… +138 i wanna be this macot +136
I've never ****** my cousin, but I always "f… +134 Well, she didn't call him a rapist as soon as he touched her s… +131
Picture +129 Descriptions too true. +129
>Wait till next christmas >Fap into condoms >… +128 So it was last year? XD +128
But but but, god-dammit, she's a tad ******* hot.… +127 Picture +126
Great, another movie staring a bunch of jews who are not funny +124 How Can Jaden Smith Be Real If Lightbulbs Aren't Real +123
"9 year old takes balls to the face" +123 I really want an 3rd avatar series. According to… +122
How can someone be so much of a fedora that they ruin Christmas? +122 id like to O-press her +122
Picture +121 Picture +119
***** don't know about based tyrone +117 What, again? +117
I was about to say, MRIs don't work like that... +117 Well then, you must have, low standards +116

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